Amos Joshua '09
Karkur, Israel
Emphasis: Climbing the Shoulders of Giants: An Emphasis in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science

"Johnston lets you do things your way," says Amos Joshua. One semester, he took "Topology," "Thermal and Statistical Properties of Matter," "Quantum Physics," and an integrated studies course titled "All So Luscious" that dealt with language and its manifestation in a variety of fields.

"In my second semester, I enrolled in a class and discovered that the professor's teaching style was incompatible with my learning style. After two weeks, I approached the professor and asked if we could modify the course. To my delight, at the very next class period I was learning the same material in an independent study. We met once a week for discussion and that same professor was amazing in a one-on-one setting. Since then, I've sought out that professor for advice many times, and he wrote me letters of recommendation on two different occasions."

"Johnston gives me powerful flexibility to shape my own education, which means I can concentrate on what interests me. It's also providing the framework for some of the most crucial growth I will ever go through. Socially and intellectually, these years are shaping who I am and what I will do for the rest of my life, and I can't imagine spending them anywhere else."

Currently, Amos lives in Berkeley as a software engineer. He plans to sail around the world in the coming year.