Maya Joshua, '11
Emphasis: Diverse Structures in Economics and Language

I title my list "Things I Will Never be Able to Put Into Just a Few Sentences." I put "my experience at Johnston" as number one. I make a subheading titled "Difficulties I Had with this Task." Under that, I write: too dynamic, too diverse in experiences, too pregnant with meanings I have yet to discover myself. Too many people I have met that will not fit into a segment of a sentence because the support or stimulation or intimidation or simple inexplicable awe they inspire in me is beyond my articulation. The endless-seeming number of a-ha moments on the porch and the lawn not to mention of course the seminar classes must be experienced in order to be understood. The number of times and reasons for which I have almost peed my pants is too embarrassing to put into writing. I'm sorry, you'll have to find someone else to make a few-sentence statement about their experience at Johnston. Mine would be a book, and even if you wanted to publish it, I'm still writing it, so come back in a couple of years.