Johnston Curriculum


The Johnston Center offers a variety of classes every semester.  Each year, faculty members work with Johnston students to create unique seminars that reflect student and faculty interests.

In our Curriculum Building Meetings, students and faculty members brainstorm ideas for courses and invent new ways of approaching topics of interest.

Interdisciplinary seminars offered by Johnston faculty members enable students to explore methods of connecting their interests from several academic disciplines.

Johnston students are also able to take full advantage of classes taught in the College of Arts and Sciences.  In most cases, Johnston students contract their classes for narrative evaluation rather than numerical grades.

Here are a few examples of Johnston seminars from recent semesters:

  • Science, Culture, Politics
  • Cosmology for the Creative Process
  • Millennials
  • Perspectives on Wellbeing
  • Greek Stories in Plays and Vase Painting
  • Outdoor Literature and Film
  • Books that Make you want to Read
  • Mindful Movement (student-led)
  • Slow Writing
  • Decadence and its Rubble
  • The Modernist City in Art and Film
  • Western and Chinese Medicine (student-led)
  • Interrogating Jewish Literature and Criticism
  • The Greeks' War with Troy (May term in Greece)
  • Internet Afterlife: Virtual Salvation, Consciousness, and Identity
  • Race on Campus (Student Activist Conference)
  • Oaxaca Integrated Semester (in Oaxaca, Guatemala, and Cuba)
  • Yoga