Information for Sophomores

Sophomore Contracts go to committee in the fall and are due in the Johnston Office, Bekins Hall 112, by October 9, 2019. If you are a sophomore, meet with your advisor in the first week or two of fall classes to draft your Graduation Contract Narrative and Course Listings by Chronology and Discipline.  Your contract should address the 3 pillars of a Johnston education: Depth, Breadth, and a Cross Cultural component


Once you and your advisor agree that the contract is ready to go to committee, work with Kerry Robles to schedule your Grad Contract Meeting!


Contrary to urban legend, your Sophomore Graduation Contract meeting is not a “dissertation defense” or an “interrogation session”!  It’s a chance for you to sit down with your advisor, 2 current Johnston students, 3 faculty members, and the Johnston Registrar in order to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your academic plan. It’s basically a big advising session.  You’ll get lots of suggestions and, if the entire committee (including you) agrees to some fundamental changes, you might get a stipulation or two.


In any case, the Sophomore Graduation Contract is a living document that will shift and develop as you proceed through your undergraduate years. You’ll work with your advisor throughout your time at Johnston to improve and hone the contract, which you’ll revise in your senior year.


See sample Graduation Contracts.