Presentation Title

Keeyeon Bang & Rod Goodyear               Cyber University of Korea (Seoul, South Korea) and University of Redlands (Redlands CA, USA)          South Korean Supervisors’ Experience of Negative Supervision Events

Lauren Behrman & Jeff Zimmerman

Private Practice and The Practice Institute (New York, NY, USA )

Invited Presentation: Taming Couple’s Conflict: Creating Safety and Understanding

Linda Buchanan

Walden Behavioral Care (Atlanta, GA, USA)  

Dealing with Ambivalence in Psychotherapy:  How to be on your Client's Side Without Taking a Side

Ana Alicia Cobar Catalan de Coma, Meri Lubina, Andres Consoli, Rod Goodyear, and Maria del Pilar Grazioso                        

Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (Guatemala City, Guatemala), University of California, Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, CA, USA) and University of Redlands (Redlands, CA, USA) Contribuciones recientes en supervisión clínica desde Guatemala:   logros, desafíos y eventos críticos en perspectiva (Recent contributions on clinical supervision in Guatemala:  Achievements, challenges and critical events in perspective)

Susan Childers, James Sells, Kathleen Arveson &  David Savinsky   

Cairn University (Langhorne Manor, Pennsylvania, USA) and Regent University (Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA)    Professional Supervision: A Phenomenological Study Into the Experiences of Counselors

Rebecca Curtis          

Adelphi University (Garden City, NY, USA)       Supervision by Skype in China

Héctor Fernández-Álvarez              

Aiglé Foundation (Buenos Aires, Argentina)  Invited Presentation:  Hope in Psychotherapy
Verónica Ruiz González, Mariana Gutiérrez Lara y Laura Amada Hernández Trejo             National Autonomous University of Mexico (México City, Mexico)    Programas de Prácticas Supervisadas en un Centro Comunitario (Supervised Practicum Program in a Community Center

Rod Goodyear           

University of Redlands (Redlands, CA, USA)      Invited Presentation:  Using Deliberate Practice to Develop Competence and Expertise

Maria del Pilar Grazioso           

Proyecto Aiglé Guatemala (Guatemala City, Guatemala Invited Presentation:  Supervisión Multicultural:  Incidentes Críticos (Multicultural Supervision:  Critical Incidents)   

Veronica Kirkland        

Lindsey Wilson College (Columbia, KY, USA)    Gender Diverse Individuals Experience Stigma

Diana Kirszman        

Aiglé Foundation (Buenos Aires, Argentina)    Invited Presentation:  Infidelity in Couples: New Perspectives

David Kleist       

Idaho State University (Pocatello, ID, USA)        Facilitating Clinical Skill Development via Reflexive Supervisory Practices: The Reflecting Model of Triadic Supervision (RMTS)

Andre R Marseille     

Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD, USA)  Positive Psychotherapy:  An innovative, transcultural approach in a 21st Century global community

Brenda Nash & Norah Chapman                

Spalding University (Louisville, KY, USA)  The Supervisory Triad: Integrating the APA Guidelines on Clinical Supervision and Multicultural Competence to Enhance Supervisory and Clinical Outcomes

Yaira Oquendo-Figueroa     

Salud Family Health Centers (Longmont, CO, USA)             Estrategias para el fortalecimiento de la supervisión de estudiantes latinoamericanos en psicología de atención primaria en Estados Unidos (Strategies for strengthening the supervision of Latin American students in primary care psychology in the United States)

María Ines Pesqueira, Ivonne Ramírez, Paola Ceruti   

MIP Psychotherapy and Coaching Training Center (Santiago, Chile)   Principles, purposes and procedures in clinical supervision: review of a 25-year practice

Conroy Reynolds      

University of Redlands (Redlands, CA, USA)      Hope, Spirituality and Meaning as Resources in Supervision

Coralis Solomon and Grace Marin      

Troy University (Tampa, FL, USA) and Independent Practice (Maitland, FL, USA)    Integrative Self-Compassion Practices in Clinical Supervision
Antonio Tena Suck    Universidad Iberoamericana (México City, Mexico)          Psicoterapia Integrativa:  Un Aproximación a la Práctica Clínica Basada en Evidencias (Integrative Psychotherapy:  An Approach to Clinical Practice Based on Evidence)

Deborah Townsend  and Richard Townsend              

Florida Keys Community College (Key West, FL, USA)  Disaster Response Supervision and Mental Health

Tamara Tribitt & Alexia DeLeon                    

University of Redlands (Redlands, CA, USA) and Lewis and Clark College (Portland, OR, USA)  Nurturing Cultural Humility in Supervisees by Integrating Relational-Cultural Supervision and the Discrimination Model

Natasha Williams, Jennifer Clarke, Natacha P. Pennycooke, Sonia Mills-Minster               

Respectively: Private practice;  Ryerson University; Allied Psychological Services; and Millan and Associates (all Toronto, Ontario, Canada)  Decolonizing Westernized Psychotherapeutic Practices to Increase Treatment Efficacy within Ethnic Communities: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Anthony Zazzarino &  Veronica M. Kirkland          

Rutgers-School of Health Professions (Newark, NJ, USA) and Lindsey Wilson College (Columbia, KY, USA)       Using Genograms in Working with Sexual and Gender Minority Parents