Building Supervisory Capacity

A project serving clinicians in agencies affiliated with the Southern Counties Regional Partnership

This Southern Counties Regional Partnership-funded project is sponsored by the Center for Advanced Professional Education (CAPE

Project Directors: Carol Falender and Rod Goodyear




Archives of the Project-Sponsored Webinar Series

One initiative in the SCRP-funded "Building Supervisory Capacity" project has consisted of webinars for supervisors.  Videos of most of those webinars as well as copies of the slides used in the presentations can be accessed on the webinar archive page 

Archives for the Fundamentals of Competency-Based Supervision Course 

The videos, presentation slides and other resources from the 18-session supervision course can be found on the course archive page 





The 14th International Interdisciplinary Conference on Clinical Supervision will be held virtually, July 29-31, 2020.  For more information, click here  

The conference is unique in providing a forum for practitioners and scholars from across the multiple mental health disciplines and across the world to come together for learning and networking.

Although the IICCS is not an initiative funded by SCRP it is a CAPE-sponsored event that is closely related to this project.  Therefore it could be of interest to participants in the SCRP "Building Supervisory Capacity" project.




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