Center for Advanced Professional Education

A collaboration between the University of Redlands and The Practice Institute

Training for Post-Degree Professionals

Your years of arduous study in graduate school prepared you well for working with clients and patients.  But there were inevitable gaps in that training. For example:

  • few training programs focus on the business side of running a private practice even though, by late career, private practice is the primary work setting of more than 60% of psychologists; presumably this reflects the trend in other mental health professions as well.  And yet this is an area in which there is so much to attend: finances, management, marketing, and business ethics, not to mention entrepreneurial decisions that can determine your financial success and career satisfaction.  
  • training in clinical supervision is spotty or even nonexistent in many programs even though effective clinical supervision is key to effective clinical practice.

Moreover, the field changes constantly in response to new circumstances, ideas, and innovations.  Neimeyer et al. (2014) found, for example, that the average half-life of knowledge was about 9 years across the various domains of professional psychology:  half of what you learned in graduate school will have “expired” in nine years.

The Center for Advanced Professional Education (CAPE) was founded in to address these professional development needs. We offer webinars, courses, brief workshops, as well as comprehensive, university-approved certificate courses in a range of areas.  However, our two flagship initiatives are (1) providing necessary business and ethics training for mental health professionals in or entering private practice and (2) helping mental health professionals develop and maintain competence in clinical supervision.

CAPE couples the intellectual and technological resources of two organizations — the University of Redlands and The Practice Institute — to provide high-quality professional development programming.

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CAPE's International Reach

CAPE's conferences and programs have drawn mental health professionals from around the world.  As well, CAPE faculty have consulted internationally.  The map below indicates some of the places our participants have come from (purple) as well as where our faculty have provided post-degree training (blue).



What Program Participants Say About CAPE's Business of Practice Training

CAPE has multiple vehicles for helping practitioners develop competence in the business of practice.  One of those -- the private practice boot camp -- is a two day event that covers the topics that will be addressed more deeply and thoroughly in the business of practice certificate program.  It might be instructive, therefore, for those who are considering one or more of the certificate courses to hear what boot camp attendees have said about their experience:


Celine Ko, Ph.D., a Redlands, CA psychologist: 

No one had warned me that I would have to learn how to be a business person if I were to start my own private practice. I was overwhelmed and unsure where to start.  CAPE's private practice boot camp proved to be a game changer.

Lauren Behrman and Jeff Zimmerman walked us through each step of what we need to do to get our businesses up and running.  They are amazing mentors who inspired us and provided great feedback and guidance.  I left with a completed business plan, an action plan and a vision of what I wanted to do.

Participating in this program also connected me to a network of clinicians who can provide support as I start my own business; like-minded people who want me to succeed.  It was definitely worth the investment!