Tutoring Services and Workshops

Tutoring and Workshops are available for specific subject areas and courses at no additional cost. Tutoring is limited to two hours per week, every eight weeks and requires prior approval.

  • Math Foundations for Business (BUSB-145)

  • Business Statistics (BUSB-232)

  • Economics for Business (BUSB-230)

  • Data Analysis/Decision Making for Managers (BAMG-232)

  • Managing Quality and Operations (BUSB370)

  • GIS for Business (BUSB-433)

  • Data Driven Decision-Making (BUAD-631)

  • Introduction to Managerial Economics (BUAD-632)

  • Accounting & Finance for Managers (BUAD-658)

  • Managerial Finance (BUAD-660)

  • Analytics for Managerial Decision-Making (MGMT651)

  • Introduction to Analytics and Decision Making (MGMT661)

Writing Tutoring

Writing assistance is available through the Online Writing Center at learn.redlands.edu. Please log-in using your Redlands email address.

 21st Century Business Skills Workshops

 For more information, please contact your Student Services Manager.