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Business Mentor Program


The Mentor Program provides students with an invaluable opportunity for personal and professional development through the support of mentors. The program is seven months in length from fall to spring. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the School of Business has postponed the 2020-2021 Mentor Program until further notice. 

Participation in the Mentor Program allows students to connect with professionals who value a college education and want to share their knowledge and experience with students. Each student (aka mentee) is assigned a Mentor to provide additional guidance and support to help: 

  • Better define your career goals and options;
  • Enhance your skills and knowledge;
  • Build your self-confidence;
  • Build your professional network; and,
  • Support your overall academic success.

For Students

Student Informational Flier
Why should you apply for the Mentor Program? Learn about what former student participants (aka mentees) are saying about the program.
The Mentor Program from a student's perspective: Building my professional network through mentoring
Student Application
For Prospective Mentors (Non-Students)
Mentor Informational Flier
Why should you become a Mentor? Learn about what current and former mentors are saying about the program.
Mentor Application
For Local Employers
Every year, the School of Business partners with some established local employers within Southern California to coordinate employer site visits for School of Business students and Mentor Program participants. For more information on hosting an employer site visit, please click here.
Online Resources & Networking Opportunities

Here are some online resources and networking opportunities to stay connected with the University and learn about upcoming networking events.