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Why Innovation and Technology are Key to Business Success

The ability to take advantage of emerging opportunities is a key source of competitive advantage. Effective business leaders—both those who launch their own enterprises and those who lead established brands—know that cultivating an innovation mindset and harnessing the power of technology are skills that are crucial to maximizing every opportunity as it arises. Given both skillsets, leaders can identify opportunities, establish a vision to seize them, take risks to achieve that vision, and drive efficient and secure operations.

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Cultivating a Global Business Perspective

As the 21st century advances, the world has witnessed an acceleration in the cross-border exchange of ideas, goods, technology, and capital. Some leaders have been encouraged by evidence of expanding economic growth, higher standards of living, and greater consumer choice that have resulted from increasingly complex value chains and greater access to investment resources. Others express apprehension in light of environmental degradation, offshored jobs, and weakened local control that have also accompanied these expanded cross-border exchanges. This increased connectivity means that businesses—whether multinational or domestic—must both do things differently and do different things as previously distinct national markets further integrate.

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Environmental Sustainability: The New Normal for Business Success

Businesses are extending their missions to encompass environmental sustainability. Companies that focus on environmental sustainability help ensure that their products and operations contribute to important environmental goals. Sustainable business practices can benefit bottom lines by reducing operating costs, improving brand reputation, and delivering competitive advantages.

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Making Business Education Affordable and Accessible to All at the University of Redlands

The University of Redlands School of Business & Society is actively committed to removing the financial barriers that students often encounter.  In fact, over 70% of our students receive some form of scholarship or discount, making our high-quality education very competitive with other private and public universities.

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The Link Between Business Practice and Social Responsibility

Good business practice is predicated on doing what is right for shareholders, employees, customers, and communities while fully engaging with the business’s vision and mission. While still creating value, businesses today must also be focused on the greater impact their decisions will have on society and future generations.

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