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Accelerate Your Career with an Online MBA in California

California bears a rich job market, especially for graduates of online MBA programs. From 2015 to 2017, the employment of management professions increased by 3.8 percent statewide. That growth is predicted to continue over the next seven years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the national growth rate of management jobs in sales, marketing, and finance to meet or exceed the average for all occupations. There’s a burgeoning need for business leaders, and individuals in an online MBA program, particularly an online MBA in California, are competitively positioned to thrive the job market.

An online MBA program in California offered by the University of Redlands is designed to develop 21st Century business skills. The University’s alumni are in high demand for management roles. They serve as leaders for well-known companies like Univision, GlaxoSmithKline, and ADP. With a broad perspective, problem-solving skills, and the ability to think critically, graduates of the University of Redlands online MBA program are prepared to lead in an ever-changing, technology-based world.

Broad Perspective

Redlands’ online MBA program is grounded in a liberal arts tradition of over 100 years. We inspire students to gain new insights. We also challenge their perceptions. Students in the online MBA program develop a broad perspective of business by exploring a variety of disciplines. The interdisciplinary knowledge they gain prepares students to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and move businesses forward.

The online MBA program engages students in a curriculum that examines foundational and general business. All students explore fundamental topics like accounting, management, and data and analytics. Students tailor the remaining courses to their individual needs. The University of Redlands offers online MBA concentrations in the most critical functional areas of business. The University of Redland’s School of Business is the only ACBSP-accredited (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs) online MBA program in California that offers a concentration in Location Analytics. Other concentrations include Finance, Marketing, and General Business. With a comprehensive curriculum, students cultivate a broad perspective that will help them handle real-world business challenges in a variety of careers.


When evaluating job candidates, employers rank problem-solving and teamwork as the most coveted skills. That’s according to a 2017 survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Individuals who obtain an MBA online in California with the University of Redlands are prepared to help employers solve today’s most pressing business issues.

The program fosters a community of scholars where students challenge assumptions and stereotypes in their classes and activities. In the University of Redlands Online virtual learning environment, students regularly interact with their peers who are professionals from diverse religious, ethnic, national, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The School encourages an atmosphere of a learning community. In turn, students master communication and learn to analyze issues and make decisions from an array of perspectives. These skills are essential to productive problem-solving.

The University, accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), offers quality education that develops students as problem-solvers by introducing them to real-world business issues. Students are equipped with functional business knowledge and are trained to employ it. Each degree concentration culminates in an interdisciplinary capstone course. The course immerses students in realistic simulations that tackle the complexity of business decision-making. Students learn to be practical and creative, using prior knowledge from other courses as well as teamwork and critical thinking skills. Together, they execute robust business strategies and solve real organizational problems. The process prepares students to deal with the decision-making challenges that they’ll face in a range of business settings.

Critical Thinking

Companies need business leaders who can develop solutions to their most significant problems. In a 2016 study from the University of Pennsylvania, 30 C-suite executives recalled over 80 ethical dilemmas in their careers alone. Solving problems requires the ability to think critically and ethically. Among California online MBA programs, the University of Redlands degree places particular emphasis on the critical thinking process and the ethical framework of business decisions. This foundation is the School’s cornerstone that is defined by the Banta Center for Ethical and Purposeful Leadership and Purposeful Leadership Initiative.

Redlands’ online MBA program prepares students to analyze information, interpret the results, and make reasonable judgments. Students hone their analytical skills in courses that explore data and microeconomic theory. They become effective communicators with guidance from faculty who inspire self-expression, listening, and collaboration. Throughout the program, students cultivate creativity. The liberal arts curriculum encourages curiosity, interdisciplinary connections, and imagination.

We enhance students’ ability to think critically by asking them to examine the ethical, legal, and social environments of business. They also explore the impact of each environment on managerial decision-making. The University’s designation by Washington Monthly as a top-30 U.S. master’s institution, based on contributions to the public good, affirms our focus on preparing students to serve as productive and ethical business leaders.

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