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Why Consider an MBA with a Specialization in Marketing?

An MBA with a concentration in marketing can provide the competitive advantage you need to secure a lucrative salary with a reputable employer. Let's take a look at the top reasons why a marketing-focused MBA can enhance your chances of prolonged professional success.

Enhance Your Career Prospects

Individuals who earn an MBA with a specialization in marketing are highly sought after by employers. These graduates have solid business expertise, comprehensive understanding of marketing across an array of mediums, and hands-on leadership skills. This education prepares you for professional roles that can include digital marketing manager, senior marketing consultant, and interactive marketing director.

Obtain New Insights and Skills

An MBA with a specialization in marketing provides the opportunity to obtain new insights into real-world business. This educational pursuit empowers you to actively engage in complex case study analyses, while refining your teamwork and leadership skills. You learn core business fundamentals. You also gain knowledge of quantitative methods and behavioral concepts used in marketing management. You learn how to position a brand, build brand equity, perform risk assessment/management, pinpoint marketing opportunities, and create successful marketing strategies.

Maximize Your Compensation

Perhaps the most popular reason to obtain an MBA with a specialization in marketing is to boost your earning power. An MBA with a specialization in marketing opens more doors than a bachelor’s degree in business or an MBA without a specific concentration. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports full-time workers age 25 and over who have a master's degree earn an average of $12,000 more than those who have only a bachelor’s degree. Note that only 17 percent of marketing professionals have a master's degree. If you obtain an MBA with a concentration in marketing, you will be among this small percentage of business professionals who stand out for career advancement opportunities.

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