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Qualities of Exemplary MBA Candidates

Deciding to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can be a big step in your career. Earning an online MBA degree is both flexible and convenient, yet candidates must still be qualified to pursue this high-level degree. Admissions officers look for the following qualities to identify exemplary online MBA candidates:


While most people looking to catapult their career to the next level and considering graduate-level degree options are driven, those choosing to pursue their MBA online must be especially motivated to complete their work independently in a timely fashion.


Most online MBA students are already working full time. For this reason, online program candidates must be committed to both their studies and professional responsibilities—and to balancing the two.


Whether conducting a sales meeting with high-level executives or developing a study plan for a final exam, knowing how to manage unexpected circumstances is crucial for the online MBA candidate. The most successful students and best business leaders are flexible. They can multitask effectively without sacrificing results and can balance different roles simultaneously.


People who work in a professional environment, particularly in a leadership position, are often approachable and personable. In many cases, online MBA candidates must complete an admissions interview. These interviews provide an opportunity for the candidate to showcase both their accomplishments and personality. A friendly smile and warm handshake can be an asset to an individual's candidacy for any MBA degree program.


Individuals who aspire to become leaders in their organizations should know how to make effective decisions in a timely manner. Students enrolled in an online MBA program will also need to rely on their decision-making abilities to manage multiple projects while maintaining their own schedules. Decisive individuals who know what they want and how they are going to accomplish their goals are an asset for any online MBA degree program or work environment.


Admissions officers appreciate students who understand the importance of a deadline, and who submit their required materials on time. Students who can show that they make timeliness a top priority will be considered favorably by those who are determining who will be admitted to a program. This is because it is necessary to be effective at time management in order to succeed in an online MBA program, and it's also critical to be timely when completing tasks at the senior level of an organization. Timeliness is no small attribute when it comes to identifying exemplary MBA candidates.

If you feel you possess the qualities discussed here, now is the time to begin the next adventure in your career. By pursuing an online MBA degree, you’ll enhance your business skills and prepare yourself for more opportunities in your profession. Whether you’re a sales representative aspiring to be a marketing manager or a senior account manager looking for a more prominent role, earning an MBA is the first step toward accomplishing your career goals. Learn more about the online MBA program with the University of Redlands by contacting the advisors at the University of Redlands Online today.