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Why an Online MBA Program?

An MBA degree can open a lot of opportunities. But for many, earning an MBA through a traditional program is impossible, whether due to the need to work full time, the responsibility of taking care of children, or simply living too far from a university to attend classes. However, these issues do not have to be obstacles. For some students, earning an online MBA, especially through the program offered by the University of Redlands, is a great solution.

Why an Online MBA Program?

Although many students attend an MBA program immediately after graduating, this is not always ideal. Many experts agree that to gain the most from an MBA program, it is important to have at least a minimal amount of work experience before enrolling. Not only does working prior to attending an MBA program allow students to test out a career path, it also gives them practical, first-hand knowledge they can use to connect their personal experiences with what their professors are teaching.

But delaying enrollment in an MBA program until after gaining work experience can often lead to doubts about going back to school. Once a potential student is working full-time, it is difficult to give up income and a job to become a full-time student. Traditional universities have tried to address this issue by offering part-time courses. But for many, fixed nightly and weekend classes don't fit into their schedule.

The flexibility and convenience of an online MBA program can make it the ideal alternative. Students who enroll in an online program have the flexibility to earn a diploma on their own schedule, without having to quit their jobs or rearrange their lives.

Why an Online MBA From the University of Redlands?

The University of Redlands’ Online MBA program focuses on providing its students with a solid foundation in business knowledge taught by a highly qualified faculty. At Redlands Online, students become specialists by focusing their education on one of three concentrations: general business, finance or marketing.

  • The general business track is ideal for students who may not know the exact direction their career will take, but are aware they will need a better overview of all business issues.
  • The finance concentration teaches students how to evaluate the global financial markets to make smart decisions about risk and return. Students who specialize in finance will create, analyze and evaluate portfolios using investment strategies they learn in class.
  • A marketing specialization focuses on how to reach customers through global marketing using strategic analysis. Students in this specialization develop a marketing campaign to show mastery of advertising principles.

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