Gerald Groshek

School of Business

Hornby Hall


Hentschke Hall
P: 909.748.8770

Academic Interests and Areas of Expertise

  • Foreign exchange markets

  • International economic coordination

  • International economic aspects of defense

  • International Business and Finance

  • Economic Transition

  • International Policy Coordination

  • Foreign Exchange Markets

  • European Union

  • International Economic Aspects of Defense Spending

Courses taught at Redlands

  • Public Policy and the Firm

  • Global Business

  • Global Political Economy

Degrees Held

  • BA, Valparaiso University

  • MA, University of Denver

  • Ph.D., University of Denver

Grants Received

  • Fulbright Grant 2003-2004

Significant Publications, Presentations or Panels

Journal Publications

  • Journal of Business and Behavioral Science

  • Journal of Multinational Financial Management

  • Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money

Conference Presentations

  • Western Economic Association International

  • The Knowledge Economy in Central Europe

  • Hawaii International Conference on Business

Consulting Experience

  • Fulbright Senior Specialist