Whitehead Leadership Society

The Whitehead Leadership Society is an organization established to encourage leadership and academic excellence within the University of Redlands School of Business. As facilitators of professional education and lifelong learning, individual members of the Society have the responsibility to:

  • Provide active service and support to the University community
  • Foster an academic climate for enhancing School of Business student achievement
  • Focus on increasing productive student and faculty dialogue
  • Honor the traditions of the liberal arts

Benefits of Whitehead Leadership Society Membership

  • Formal induction ceremony and presentation of a Whitehead Leadership Society (WLS) medallion and certificate of membership
  • Special recognition at commencement for contributions to the University and community
  • Lifetime membership to the WLS alumni network
  • Invitations to professional and social events
  • Participating with your WLS peers, alumni, and the community in leadership and service-oriented events

Becoming a Member

To be considered for WLS membership, nominees must be a current student with current degree program not signed off at time of nomination and induction. Students may become eligible for WLS nomination in one of the following ways:

  • Serve as a student leader at one of the campuses. Student leaders are active students who are currently enrolled and will serve for approximately two years.

Demonstrate leadership skills and knowledge through service in the community, workplace, classroom, and through academic excellence. These students may be nominated by faculty, school administrators, or by self-nomination.

Student Nomination and Submission Requirements

Student Selection Process: The Pathway to Membership

Students who are eligible for membership in the WLS may be approved for WLS induction in one of the following ways:

  • By faithfully executing the duties of a student leader as documented by peers, faculty, and/or campus staff and administrators during the term of service (minimum of four months service).
  • By providing leadership, active service, and support to the University and/or within the community as documented by the student, the student’s peers, faculty, school administrators, community members, and/or colleagues.

Nomination Deadline and Induction Ceremony

The <Semester Year> nominations are due to Christine Taitano, the Director of Student Success, at SBStudentSuccess@redlands.edu no later than <Month Day>, 2021. All four nomination requirements listed above must be completed and submitted as one packet by the deadline for consideration.

All nominations will be reviewed for approval by the WLS Board of Directors. Those approved for induction will receive an email invitation at least two weeks prior to the induction date.

The next WLS Induction ceremony will be held virtually on <Date> at <Time>. Attendance is by invitation only.

Whitehead Leadership Society Board of Directors

The WLS Board of Directors is responsible for:

  • Promoting awareness of the Whitehead Leadership Society
  • Providing communication around University, leadership, and volunteer opportunities to the WLS community
  • Partnering with other University groups and entities
  • Reviewing and making decisions on all membership application submissions
  • Participating in a minimum of one activity per year outside of the Annual Induction Ceremony

WLS members interested in becoming a Board member must submit an application, resume, and three letters of recommendation to be reviewed by the current WLS Board of Directors.


2020-2021 WLS Board of Directors

  • Bruce Rawding
  • Christine Taitano
  • Bob Warren

Whitehead Leadership Society Scholarship for Purposeful Leadership

The Whitehead Leadership Society Scholarship for Purposeful Leadership was inaugurated by the WLS Board of Directors to encourage purposeful leadership within the University of Redlands School of Business. The scholarship is in keeping with the WLS traditions of socially responsible service and sustainable practices in the communities in which our students work and live. At least one $500 scholarship award will be granted each fiscal year by the WLS.

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