Graduate Experiences


The best way to learn about the  Master of Arts in Management program is to hear from our students.  They are accomplished leaders and are changing the industry.

“When I made the decision to pursue a master's degree.…the University of Redlands was clearly the best option for me. The quality of the education, the reputation of the University, and that you actually spend your time in a classroom and not online were all critical factors.
The MAM program was especially attractive because it focused more on the human side of management rather than on the analytical side of business that an MBA program offers...pursuing a master's degree from the University of Redlands has been an investment in myself that has paid dividends in my professional life."

Jarrod Burguan, Chief of Police, San Bernardino Police Dept., MAM class of 2010


"I chose the Master of Arts in Management because the focus of the program directly related to the work I performed at the time (Human Resource Director) with the Town of Apple Valley.  The management classes directly related to my day job. Since completing my Master of Arts in Management, I've been promoted to the Assistant Town Manager role...and I believe this program helped prepare me for my new position.​"

Nikki Salas, Asst. Town Manager, Town of Apple Valley, MAM class of 2015


"I was recently employed by the City of Temecula and I had an ambition to accomplish more in the corporate world or public administration.  To do so, I clearly recognized that I needed to complete my graduate studies to compete for future opportunities. This compelled me to find a program that would allow me to work full-time and also afford me a reputable degree in the minds of employers when I was finished.  The Master of Arts in Management truly shaped my perspective on the REAL business world and allowed me to strengthen my resume, and compete for job opportunities.  As a young person, this program helped answer questions about where I saw myself and what I could possibly accomplish as a new professional. University of Redlands also afforded me the opportunity to study at Cambridge University (U.K.) 

Aaron Adams, City Manager, City of Temecula, MAM class of 1998


"I have enjoyed a great career as a public servant that has afforded me many opportunities... partly due to quality education and experience I received from the University of Redlands. The faculty are very knowledgeable, adding value to the quality learning experience.  Being in a program with fellow students who are working professionals adds another value; an array of careers, insight and intelligence is brought to the classroom that takes education beyond the textbook for an overall experience that is priceless.  The University of Redlands’ MAM program is one that I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend! "

Kerry Eden, Assistant City Mgr. and Admin. Services Director of City of Corona, MAM class of 2006


"I wanted a program that would help complete my transition from leading troops in military, to managing a civilian workforce…I also wanted a reputable program that accepted my GI Bill benefits. The Master of Arts in Management (MAM) program exceeded all my requirements. This program allowed me to reevaluate my management experience in the military, to understand how those lessons can be leveraged in my management positions, and to better understand new ways to address management issues in the civilian world.”

Craig Grabow, Fleet Services Manager, City of Ontario, MAM class of 2014


"Redlands reputation combined with the Master of Arts in Management  program courses provided me every confidence that this was the program I was searching for to further my development. Courses offered in the MAM program were practical and relatable to real world skills that are valuable for successful relationships, supervision, management and leadership. MAM program enhanced my relationships, my self- awareness and my overall effectiveness as a Human Resources professional and strategic business partner. It opened several doors of opportunities for me, strengthened my relationships, and provided me with tools for success."

Angela C. Lopez, Human Resources Director, City of Ontario, MAM class of 2010


"The Master of Arts in Management program is unique because it is a people skills master’s degree. The MAM provided me with theory and a new way of thinking about the ingredients of successfully managing a diverse group. As I made my way through the program I was able to implement what I was learning in the classroom immediately.   It made me more confident and solidified my role as a leader in my department and at Chaffey College. It also made me empathetic to the plight of the students pursuing their AA’s at Chaffey"  

Tara Johnson​, Adjunct faculty, Chaffey college, MAM class of  2012