A Purposeful Vision

As a leading business school, we have an opportunity to teach, mentor, and empower agile agents of change for a promising future. Our name aligns with that responsibility and our purpose and vision:

  • To empower professionals to create opportunities that positively impact business and society.
  • To aspire to be highly distinctive as a business school because of our commitment to 21st century business skills and their use for professional, organizational, and societal advancement.

Our name is not just an exercise in nomenclature. It is part of a thoughtful and determined plan we have undertaken to respond to external trends and to lead a broad and integrated initiative that will transform business education, impact how business is led, and deliver new education options for prospective and existing students.

We are focusing on seven pillars to guide us in delivering on this plan. They include:

  • Purposeful Leadership & Diversity Management
  • Ethical Decision-Making
  • Socially Responsible Practices
  • Business Analytics
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Global and Cross-Cultural Perspectives
  • Environmental Sustainability

Aligning with these pillars is a critical step in continuing to empower our students to succeed and lead. They help us select, evaluate, and foster the development of innovative curriculum, inform our decision-making, and develop our learning environment. We continue to expand our welcoming and intellectually curious community of faculty, students, and alumni who are sincerely dedicated to using their potential to engage with business and society and positively impact the world.