"Environmental Sustainability and Business"
February 19, 2005

Panelists included (click on name for photos):

Joseph DesJardins, Professor of Philosophy
St. John's University
"Sustainable Business Ethics"

Catherine Greener, Managing Director,
"Operationalizing Sustainability"

George Basile, Executive Vice President
The Natural Step
"Sustainability as a Foundation for Strategic Planning, Innovation and Organizational Transformation"

Jennifer Smith Grubb, Director
Sustainable Silicon Valley Initiative
"Sustainable Silicon Valley: How a Public-Private Partnership Can Spearhead Cooperative Efforts for Sustainable Development"

Monte Hempel, Hedco Professor of Environmental Studies
University of Redlands
"Searching for Sustainability"

Paul Dolan, President
Mendocino Wine Company
"Fermenting a Business Revolution"

Panel Program and Schedule (PDF)
Panel Summary and Report (PDF)