Recent Graduates Share Their Stories

Nicholas Frunzi, School of Business

"My name is Nicholas Frunzi and I'm an MBA graduate. "The course of study was very dynamic and very cross-cutting, I think, through the business world. What was very advantageous for me is the program really was able to cross-cut the work that I have to do on a daily basis. What I am, the position I hold at ESRI is a managing director, so I deal with a lot of the different issues that the MBA covers-finance, accounting, HR issues, planning-a myriad of the things that the program taught us was very applicable immediately at work. "One of the things that was most beneficial was the decision analysis class, management science, where we learned on one Wednesday night about critical path management and on Thursday I was able to go into the office, sit down with a team and turn a 52-day project into a 36-day project just based on what I learned at school the night before. So I had absolute benefits on my day-to-day work. "What the program really offered was a lot of differing views and a lot of chances to get ideas and hear things from how other people are doing business."

Mark Gruber
Bachelor of Science in Information Systems/Master of Science in Interactive Telecommunications
Vice President of Information Technology and Board Member, Harrington Industrial Plastics Chino, California

"I thought about getting an MBA but then discovered the Master of Interactive Telecommunications (MSIT) program at Redlands. The program blends technical skill development with the latest technology applications to solve business challenges. No other institution in the area offered anything even close. I was so impressed by the MSIT program that I encouraged two of my staff members to complete the program with me. It's giving us a common knowledge base that will help us to communicate better and to more effectively solve our organization's business challenges. As a result of the skills I developed during the program, I created a customized system for my organization at a cost of about $35,000. Since the organization had considered spending up to $300,000 to purchase the system, the savings from this project alone were well worth the tuition. It's hard to argue with an ROI like that."