Satish Thosar

School of Business & Society

Satish Thosar


Ph.D., Finance, Indiana University (Bloomington), 1989

MBA, XLRI (Jamshedpur), 1981

B.Com. Sydenham College, Bombay University, 1974


Redlands Main Campus
Hornby Hall 213
P: 909.748.8787

Academic Interests and Areas of Expertise

  • Initial Public Offerings

  • Executive Compensation

  • Anomalies in Housing Prices

Description of Research

Professor Thosar has pursued an active research program over his career. He publishes in high-quality peer-reviewed journals and is often invited to submit articles in high-visibility outlets for practitioner and academic audiences. He presents regularly at national and international conferences and appears on panel discussions on topics of current economic and financial interest.


Courses Taught

BUAD 658 Accounting and Finance for Managers

BUAD 660 Managerial Finance

FINC 661W Financial Markets and Institutions

BUAD 641 Managerial Economics

BUAD 640B Valuation

ECNB 236 Microeconomics

BUS 354 Topics in Corporate Finance and Investments


Previous Teaching Experience

University of Technology, Sydney, 2000-2005

University of Massachusetts, Boston, 1988-2000

Previous Relevant Work Experience

Bank of America, Voltas Ltd


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Awards, Honors, Grants

Excellence in Research, University of Redlands, School of Business, 2019.

Award for Outstanding Teaching, University of Redlands, Faculty Review Committee, 2008-09.

Excellence in Teaching, University of Redlands, School of Business, 2009.