Monica Perry

School of Business & Society

Monica Perry


Hornby Hall
P: 909.748.8780

Current Research, Academic Interests or Areas of Expertise

  • Internet and Direct Marketing Marketing

  • Strategy Relationship Marketing

  • Internet marketing

  • Marketing channels

  • Electronic Customer Relationship Management

  • Internet Marketing Communications

  • GIS Analysis for Segmentation and Targeting



Korean Business Incubator Association (KOBIA) CSUF Certificate Program

Ph3 Laboratories

Nortel Networks



Perry, M.L. Sengupta, S. and Krapfel, R.. (Accepted September 2002). Effectiveness of horizontal strategic alliances in technologically uncertain environments: Are trust and commitment enough?. Journal of Business Research, (Forthcoming).

Bodkin, C.D. and Perry, M.L.. (2004). Goods retailers and service providers: Comparative analysis of web site marketing communications. Journal of Business Research, 11(1), 19-29.

Perry, M.L. and Shao, A.T.. (2002). Market Orientation and incumbent performance in dynamic markets. European Journal of Marketing, 36 (9/10), 1140-1153.

Perry, M.L. and Shao, A.T.. (2002). Internet marketing communications in the selling process: A global study of advertising agencies' use of email and web sites. Journal of Promotion Management, 9 (1/2), 17-30.

Perry, M.L. and Bodkin, C.D.. (2002). "Fortune 500 manufacturer web sites: Innovative marketing strategies of cyberbrochures?". Journal of Promotion Management, 31 (2), 133-144.

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