Master of Arts in Education School Counseling

The Master of Arts in Education School Counseling program consists of 48 credits and 800 documented fieldwork hours and involves training in counseling, consultation, and helping relationships. The program provides general counseling preparation for public and private school service. Coursework meets all standards required for a California Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential.

In the School Counseling program, students may combine the degree and credential, earn a master’s degree only, or obtain a Pupil Personnel Services Credential, provided they already have a master’s degree. The master’s degree consists of 48 credits plus 800 documented fieldwork hours beyond the classroom. Six of the 48 credits are the core graduate courses and the remaining 42 credits are counseling-based and required for the PPS Credential. Those with master’s degrees who are earning only the PPS Credential usually have a credit requirement which ranges from 15 to 27, depending on the type of master’s degree the student has already earned. The 800 fieldwork hours are required for each option, and credential candidates must ensure at least 600 of their fieldwork hours are completed in Pre-K–12 school settings.

Although a California teacher credential is not required for the PPS Credential, evidence of meeting the Basic Skills requirement is a prerequisite to enter the program. Also, candidates for the PPS program must apply for a Certificate of Clearance and need evidence of a negative TB test dated within the past two years when they initially enroll in the program. Additionally, students must pass a comprehensive EDUC 699 Counselor Preparation Comprehensive examination (CPCE) prior to graduating from the program.

Please refer to program handbook for additional information and requirements.

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