School of Education Academic Calendar

Fall 2020

August 3 to August 23 Registration/Advising Dates Fall Term 2020
August 31 First Day of Fall
September 7 Labor Day/No School for Students 
September 12 First Day of Saturday Classes 
September 14 at 5 p.m. Last day to Add/Drop a class
October 19 First Day of Second Section 
November 24 to November 28 Fall break
November 26 to November 27 Thanksgiving/ University Closed
December 12 Last day of Fall Term 
December 25 to January 1 Winter Break/ University Closed

Spring 2021

December 14 to January 10 Registration/Advising Dates Spring Term 2021
January 18 Martin Luther King Day/No School for Students
January 19 First day of Spring Term 
January 23 First Day of Saturday Classes
February 1 to 5 p.m.  Last day to Add/Drop a class
March 8 First Day of Second Session 
April 24 Last day of Spring Term 
April 29 School of Education Commencement 

Summer 2021

April 12 to May 2 Registration/Advising Dates Summer Term 2021
May 10 First Day of Summer Term 
May 15 First day of Saturday Classes
May 24 at 5 p.m. Last day to Add/Drop a class
May 31 Memorial Day/No School for Students 
June 28 First Day of Second Session 
July 5 Independence Day/University Closed
August 14 Last day of Summer Term