School of Education

The Dean
Mario Martinez

The Faculty
Mikela Bjork
Ann Blankenship-Knox
Janee Both Gragg
Brian Charest
Mousumi De
Nicol Howard
Jose Lalas
Kimiya Sohrab Maghzi
Phil Mirci
Ross Mitchell
Conroy Reynolds
Pauline Reynolds
Adriana Ruiz-Alvarado
Alayne Sullivan
Tamara Tribitt
James Valadez
Andrew Wall

Founded in 1924, the graduate and professional School of Education endeavors to transform students into innovative scholar-practitioners, guided by the ideals of equity and access, who serve their communities as leaders in Pre-K-12, and higher education. Through personalized, inclusive, globally-engaged teaching and scholarship, we aim to shape and enrich educational practices that advance a more just society and impact the lives of individuals in our community and beyond.

The faculty, staff, and students of the graduate and professional School of Education form a vibrant community of inquiry committed to experiential learning, diversity of ideas and people, and collaborative scholarship. Through our transformative, high-quality teaching and scholarship, we prepare leaders and professionals who enhance the learning and livelihoods of all people in increasingly complex educational contexts.

Regional Campuses 
Some of our courses and programs are offered at convenient locations throughout Southern California. For more programmatic regional campus information, refer to the University of Redlands School of Education website.