School of Business

The Dean
Thomas A. Horan

The Faculty
Bing Bai
Peter Bergevin
Angelo Carlo Carrascoso
Kimberly Cass
Charng Yi Chen
Hamid Falatoonzadeh
Allison Fraiberg
Christopher Franklin
Kamala Gollakota
Neena Gopalan
Gerald M. Groshek
Denise MacNeil
Michael MacQueen
Ketan Mhatre
Johannes Moenius
Monica L. Perry
James B. Pick
Hindupur V. Ramakrishna
G. Keith Roberts
Avijit Sarkar
James C. Spee
Riaz Tejani
Satish Thosar
Joseph Vavrus
Christina Walker
Xin Zhao

Mission Statement
Empowering professionals to create opportunities that positively impact business and society.

The School of Business designs programs for professionals that provide a high-quality education with real-world relevance. Our degree programs offer undergraduate and graduate study within the framework of a liberal arts institution.

Program Delivery and Regional Campuses
Students receive a personalized Schedule of Instruction (SOI) plan that lists the courses they need to complete their degree. The SOI is published for each student at the beginning of the program and is subject to change with written notification. 

Our programs are offered at convenient locations throughout California. In addition to our main campus in Redlands, courses are offered in Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, Temecula, San Diego, Santa Ana, Burbank, and Marin. The centers provide the academic and administrative support that enables our students to complete their programs by attending class one time per week.

Informational Meetings
The School of Business regularly schedules informational meetings for individuals throughout Southern California and will schedule meetings for organizations upon request. At these meetings, a University representative presents information on programs offered, admission requirements, curriculum, degree-completion requirements, cost, and financial aid. Individual pre-admission counseling is encouraged.

For the Programs of Study offered within the School of Business, please follow the links:

Bachelor of Science in Business
Bachelor of Science in Management
Master of Business Administration 
Master of Arts in Management