Graduation Requirements

Master's Degrees
All candidates for degrees to be awarded at commencement in May must declare their intent to graduate by March 15 of the year of graduation. M.Div. and M.A.T.S. candidates do not receive their diplomas until after grades for the final semester have been posted, that is, several weeks after graduation. In order to participate in the commencement exercises, they must have completed or be registered to complete all degree requirements before the end of the final semester, and their accounts with the Seminary must be clear. Graduating seniors may not request extensions of the deadline to complete course requirements beyond the normal grading period. Graduation Fees for M.Div./M.A.T.S., Diplomas, and Certificates: $75. For additional information, please refer to the M.Div./M.A.T.S. Student Handbook.

Doctor of Ministry 
All candidates for degrees to be awarded at commencement must complete all degree requirements listed in the D.Min. Student Handbook. Please note that the Advanced Pastoral Studies committee will not evaluate Dissertation/Project manuscripts for May graduation, later than the March committee meeting or revised D/P manuscripts later than the April committee meeting each year. The APS committee is free to recommend candidates for graduation at any meeting of the Board of Trustees. Thus students can officially graduate with the degree in October or February as well as in May, although the only Commencement ceremony is held in May. Official diplomas will not be released until the APS office has received two copies of the final D/P manuscript in accordance with the instructions in the D/P Guide. For additional information, please refer to the D.Min. Student Handbook.