College of Arts and Sciences Tuition and Fees

The following schedules list the principal expenses and regulations concerning the payment of fees for the 2021-2022 academic year (Fall and Spring semesters and May Term session).

Expenses are subject to change. When such changes are made, notice will be given as far in advance as possible. Fees for the 2021-2022 academic year will be published during summer 2022.



Full Year is defined as Fall/Spring/May Term, or Fall/Spring and includes 24–38 academic credits.

Half Year is defined as Fall only, Fall/May Term, Spring/May Term, or Spring only and includes 12–19 academic credits.

Full-time degree-seeking students are charged full tuition for 12 or more credits in any single semester.

Part-time tuition is charged for 1–11 credits per semester based on approval from the Registrar’s Office.

Graduate program tuition is charged on a per-credit basis.

Full Year is defined as Fall/Spring/May Term, or Fall/Spring.

Half Year is defined as Fall only, Fall/May Term, Spring/May Term, or Spring only.

Graduate Assistantships 
Graduate assistantships are available. Contact the appropriate department for application and awards information.

Numbers in columns indicate dollar amounts.

Undergraduate Tuition
Full Year: $53,716 
Half Year: $26,858

May Term
Excess residential (on-campus) May Term course fee will be charged after two residential May Term courses. See May Term Chapter for details.
May Term, per credit: $1,679

Special Status Undergraduate
Part-time tuition, per credit: $1,679
Individualized Study, per credit: $1,679

Undergraduate Auditing, per credit
Degree candidates: $1,679
Non-degree students: $225
High school students: $120

There is no charge for auditing by full-time undergraduate students within full-year (38 credits) or half-year (19 credits) limits. However, if auditing a course takes the total number of credits beyond the stated limit, the excess credit fee will apply. Full-time students may not audit applied music courses.

Graduate Tuition

Music and Communicative Disorders
Per credit: $1,168

Graduate Individualized Study
Per credit: $1,168

Graduate Auditing, per credit
Degree candidates: $1,168
Non-degree students: $225

Graduate GIS Fees
Per program: $47,277
Per credit: $1,314
Project Extension Fee*: $1,314

* If a candidate is unable to complete the Major Individual Project (MIP) within one term following the last term of the program, this fee will be charged for each term required to complete the MIP.

Technology/Laptop Fee–MS GIS and MGIS
One-time fee: $2,000
Full-time graduate, per term materials fee: $500
Part-time graduate, per term materials fee: $330

Room and Board
All undergraduate students living on campus, including those living in Brockton Apartments and organizational houses owned by the University, are required to have a meal plan. Meal plan options are 19 meals per week, 14 meals per week, 10 meals per week, 100 Block, 75 Block, May Term and 50 Block. These are all you care to eat (AYCTE) plans with dining dollars.

Meal Plan Fees

Meal Plan

Dining Dollars per Term



Total without May Term


Total with May Term

10 MPW (Meals per Week)1







14 MPW (Meals per Week)







19 MPW (Meals per Week)







100 Block2







75 Block3







50 Block4







1 Minimum plan for students living in residence halls

2 Minimum plan for students living in apartments and houses

3 Optional meal plan for student not living on campus

4Required meal plan for student living on campus during May Term


Room Fees

Room Type

Annual Rate


Residence Halls


Air Conditioned Residence Halls

Non-Air Conditioned Residence Halls

Double-Hall Bath



Double-Suite Bath



Double-Private Bath




Triple-Hall Bath



Triple-Suite Bath



Triple-Private Bath




Quad-Hall Bath



Quad-Suite Bath



Quad-Private Bath




Large Single-Hall Bath



Large Single-Suite Bath



Large Single-Private Bath




Small Single-Hall Bath



Small Single-Suite Bath



Small Single-Private Bath




Air Conditioned Residence Halls:
California, Cortner, East, Founders, Grossmont, Haven, Holt, Melrose, Merriam, North, Williams

Non-Air Conditioned Residence Halls:
Anderson, Bekins, Fairmont

Apartments and Organizational Houses:

Room Type

Annual Rate

Brockton Apartment-Single


Grove Apartment-Double


Grove Apartment-Single


Organizational Houses



Graduate GIS-Monthly Rate














May Term Housing

Room Type

Term Rate

Selected Halls/Rooms



Room and Board Contract Cancellation
Continuing students may cancel acceptance of room and board contracts without penalty if written notification is received in the Office of Student Life by July 21. After that date, the penalty is charged to continuing students who do not honor a signed room and board contract.

Late cancellation fee—room and board contract: $500

Other Special Costs

Cross-registration with the Schools of Business and Education, $1,679 per credit
Full-time, upper-division Arts and Sciences students may cross-register for School of Business & Society or School of Education courses with the permission of their academic advisors. Students may register for one School of Business & Society or School of Education course per term provided it does not duplicate an Arts and Sciences offering. No more than 12 credits taken at the School of Business & Society and the School of Education can be applied toward a baccalaureate degree. School of Business & Society or School of Education add requests must be signed by the student’s advisor and the Registrar. Credits taken at either the School of Business & Society or the School of Education are considered part of the regular academic load and are subject to the Arts and Sciences excess credit fee. Part-time, degree-seeking students follow the same procedures and policies as stated above for fulltime students. Part-time, non-degree students are charged the School of Business & Society or School of Education credit fee.

Admissions Deposit, not refundable
Non-refundable deposit: $350
Each Arts and Sciences student admitted to the University must pay a $350 admissions deposit. For students who enroll, the deposit is credited toward the student’s entering semester tuition. For students who do not enroll, the admissions deposit is not refundable.

Application Fee, not refundable
Used to cover the cost of processing admissions applications.
Application Fee $50
Application Fee, study abroad, not refundable $40

Associated Students Fees
Collected by the University to support ASUR and its sponsorship of various activities.

Regular student, per year: $350
Part-time undergraduate, per year: $116
Special Status undergraduate, per year: $116
Full-time graduate, per semester: $86
Part-time graduate, per semester: $63
MGIS graduate, per semester: $63
Visiting student for May Term: $65
International Off-Campus Programs, per semester $54
Salzburg semester: $175

Degree Verification Fee
Per Occurrence: $10
Verification of degrees or professional certifications earned to third parties.

Examination for credit in lieu of classwork
Per credit: $295
Available only to full-time students who have not previously audited or attended the course.

Excess Credits Fee
Per credit: $1,679

Field Trips
Actual cost per student

Late Change of Program Processing Fee
During the semester: $40
After close of semester: $90
If granted permission by the Academic Review Board to change program after normal add or drop deadline.

Late Check-in Fee
Checking in after the deadline: $100

Late Immunization Fee
For immunization documents turned in after the approved deadline: $250

Late Payment Fee
Per occurrence: $250
For bills not paid by the payment due date of each semester.

Matriculation Fee
Not refundable: $150
Encompasses costs incurred by the University for maintenance of students’ permanent records.

Reader’s Fee
Per course: $385
Assessed to students who make up incomplete work after the deadline and after leaving the institution. Approval to complete such work must be secured from the Registrar’s Office.

Replacement Diploma Fee: $50

Replacement ID Fee: $10

Transcripts of Records, each copy $10
Johnston Center Transcript, each copy $12
Transcripts are now requested online at: for a fee that may include an additional vendor fee, per transcript for standard mail delivery option.

Music Fees
Unless stated otherwise, these changes are in addition to tuition and apply to all students. Music fees are not refundable after the second week of classes.

Private Lessons*, per credit: $250
Class Lessons, per class:
Full-time students— no extra cost
Part-time and non-degree students— no extra cost

* Music majors are eligible for a waiver of this fee if they meet specific criteria. All students who register for a major conducted ensemble are eligible for a reduced fee. See “Waiver or Reduction of Private Lesson Fees” below. Appropriate conducted ensembles are MUSI 111 University Choir, MUSI 112 Chapel Singers, MUSI 114 Bel Canto Singers, MUSI 131 University of Redlands Symphony Orchestra, MUSI 138 Wind Ensemble, and MUSI 140 Symphonic Band.

Waiver or Reduction of Private Lesson Fees
Students required by their program curriculum to register for private lessons will have private lesson fees waived for the minimum number of credits required in their respective majors, regardless of the distribution of these credits among various instruments or in voice. Credits for private instruction earned at other universities will be counted in determining this minimum number. Students will be charged the private lesson fee for any instruction beyond the minimum number of credits. Music majors in the Bachelor of Arts program may waive a maximum of 8 credits of private lesson fees.

To qualify for waiver of private lesson fees, students must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. be registered full-time;
  2. be registered for or have completed MUS 101, MUS 102, MUS 103, MUS 104, MUS 105, MUS 106, MUS 107, MUS 108 and MUS 110 (MUS 103, MUS 104, MUS 107, and MUS 108 are not required for bachelor of arts majors);
  3. be declared and approved as a music major;
  4. be advised by a member of the music faculty; and
  5. be registered for a course of study that will permit graduation within nine semesters. Semesters of eligibility for transfer students will be pro-rated.

Full-time students who concurrently enroll for credit in and successfully complete MUSI 111, MUSI 112, MUSI 113, MUSI 114, MUSI 130, MUSI 131, MUSI 136, or MUSI 138 are eligible for a special private lesson fee of $75 per credit; the minimum enrollment per semester is 1 credit.

Student Health Insurance
This insurance is mandatory for international students. Domestic students must provide proof of health insurance coverage. Non-covered students may purchase the plan to comply with coverage requirement.

Annual rate

(8/10/21 to 8/9/22)


Fall rate

(8/10/21 to 12/31/21)


Spring rate

(1/1/22 to 8/9/22)


Insurance rates are subject to change

Study Abroad Program
Per term policy. Premium Plus includes Natural Disaster/Political Evacuation/Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption $226.50
*Mandatory International Accident and Sickness Insurance

May Term. Enhanced Comprehensive includes Natural Disaster/Political Evacuation $65.15
*Rates are subject to change

All charges must be paid in full by the tuition due date. All remittances should be made payable to the University of Redlands. Students with a past due balance on their University account are subject to dismissal from the University. The University will not release diplomas or process degree conferrals until the past due balance is paid in full. Students will not be permitted to preregister for the next term until the past due balance is paid in full. If the University is required to use third-party collections (i.e., collection agency or attorney) to collect the student account balance due, any future registration may require payment in advance.

Policy on Refunds
Students who voluntarily drop all courses in a term prior to attending will have tuition and fees refunded in full for that term. Certain fees may be non-refundable. Information regarding non-refundable fees can be found in the tuition, fees and expenses section of the catalog. Once a student begins attendance in a term, all fees are non-refundable.

College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate students are required to maintain full-time enrollment status in a minimum of 12 units. If a student drops below 12 units, their tuition will not be prorated or refunded unless they have been approved by the Registrar's Office to attend in a part-time status. Tuition for part-time students is billed at the per-unit rate for that academic year.

College of Arts and Science graduate students are billed on a per-unit basis. Tuition for courses dropped after the student begins attendance is refunded on a per diem basis starting with the first day through the first 60 percent of the semester.

College of Arts and Sciences students enrolled in the one-year MS Geographic Information Systems program are billed on a per-semester basis unless approved to enroll in a part-time status. Tuition for dropped classes will not be prorated or refunded. Tuition for part-time students is billed at the per-unit rate for that academic year.

If an undergraduate or graduate student withdraws or takes a leave of absence prior to the end of the term, the student must complete the official withdrawal or leave of absence process to be eligible for a tuition refund. Tuition is refunded on a per diem basis starting with the first day through the first 60 percent of the semester.

The withdrawal date used to calculate the tuition refund for course drops, withdrawals, and leaves of absence is the date the student completes the official withdrawal process or the last date of attendance at an academically related activity, if documented.

A withdrawal is considered official for all students when written notice has been provided to the Office of Student Affairs. Written withdrawal or leave of absence notification is required to state the intention of the student to discontinue the course(s) in which he or she is registered and their last date of attendance. The withdrawal will be considered effective as of the date the student gives official notification of intent to withdraw. If a student fails to withdraw officially, the applicable date will become the midpoint of the term, unless the University can document a later date. In certain circumstances, if a later date of last academic activity is substantiated, this date can be used in lieu of the midpoint of the term.

Returning Students
Students re-enrolling after withdrawal from the University will be charged current rates and fees based on the start date of new registration.

Temporary Absence
No refunds will be made for students who remain away for part of a semester without officially completing the withdrawal or leave of absence process. No refunds will be made in cases of disciplinary action, which includes suspension or expulsion.