Art History 

The Director
Piers Britton

The Advisory Committee
Nancy Carrick, English
Munro Galloway, Art
Heather King, English

The Minor in Western Art History

Minor Requirements (22 credits/ 6 courses))

•Three courses/ 12 credits from Art History (ARTH) at the 200 level
•Two courses/ 8 credits from Art History (ARTH) at the 300 level
•One course/ 3-4 credits from Studio Art (ART)

Advanced Placement in Art History

Advanced Placement in Art History 
Students who receive a score of four or higher on the Advanced Placement Test will automatically receive credit for a 200-level Art History course.

Learning Outcomes
Learning outcomes for this program may be found at

Course Descriptions (ARTH)

ARTH 220 Introduction to the Art of the Ancient World (4 Credits)

Examines the production and consumption of art and architecture in the ancient world. Geographic focus may vary, e.g. Greece from the Persian War to the Age of Alexander, Han China, Fourth Dynasty Egypt, etc. Addresses the concept of 'Classical' art, and the exclusionary use of this term.
Offered as needed.

ARTH 222 Renaissance Artists and Their Clients (4 Credits)

Addresses the production and consumption of art in late fifteenth and early sixteenth century Italy, focusing primarily on works of art commissioned by the popes and powerful families such as the Medici. Examines working practices and shared aesthetic values among artists, and generally pivots around a single artist, e.g. Raphael.
Offered as needed.

ARTH 226 Modernism & Modernity (4 Credits)

Provides an introduction to the concept of modernism in the visual arts, and its alignment with conditions of modernity in the late nineteenth and early-to-mid twentieth century Europe, America and Japan. Encompasses avant garde movements in the plastic arts and architecture. Geographic and temporal focus may vary.
Offered as needed.

ARTH 228 After the Modern (4 Credits)

A survey of art made in cultural centers of Europe and North America from the late 1950s to the 2000s. Explores the ways in which modernism in the plastic arts was challenged and transformed after World War II, and examines the subsequent emergence of postmodernism as a critical framework.
Offered as needed.

ARTH 260 Space and Place-Topics (4 Credits)

Explores aspects of the formation and use of spaces, from architectural and urban environments to ritual space and site-specific art. Geographic and temporal focus varies; potential topics may include the study of individual cities across time or in given periods, local domestic architecture, the careers of individual architects, garden design, and land art. May be repeated for degree credit for a maximum of 8 credits with instructor’s permission. 
Offered as needed.

ARTH 264 Special Topics in Art History (2-4 Credits)

Topics of current interest in art history. May be repeated for degree credit for a maximum of 12 credits.
Offered as needed.

ARTH 321 Art and Consciousness in Ancient Greece and Rome (4 Credits)

Examines the ways in which art, and concepts of art, figured in the world views of Ancient Greek, Hellenistic and Roman societies, stressing environmental factors. Case studies include issues such as the persistence of Greek myth in Roman art and the impact of peripatetic philosophy on fourth-century Greek art.
Offered as needed.

ARTH 323 Gender and Sexuality in Renaissance Art (4 Credits)

Explores the ways in which choice and treatment of artistic subjects, approaches to the practice of art making, and critical responses to the arts in sixteenth-century Italy reveal divergences from hegemonic attitudes to gender and sexuality, and sexual acts, in the contemporary world.
Offered as needed.

ARTH 324 Art and Identity (4 Credits)

Explores the role that artistic practices have played in the formation and maintenance of national, ethnic, cultural, spiritual, sexual, and gender identities. Geographic and temporal focus varies. Course may be repeated for degree credit with permission. 
Prerequisite: ARTH 102 or by permission. 
Offered as needed.

ARTH 327 Modern Art and Twentieth-Century Politics (4 Credits)

Examines the ways in which art and architectural practice and theory, and the circulation and exhibition of art, have responded critically or accommodated themselves to changing political patterns in the first half of the twentieth century. Geographic focus may vary between Western Europe and the USSR, North America and Japan.
Offered as needed.

ARTH 329 The City in Modern Art and Film (4 Credits)

An exploration of artistic engagements with modernist architecture and the contemporary city, in both fine art and film, and an introduction to the history of avant-garde architecture and urbanism in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, focusing especially on skepticism concerning modernist urbanism.
Offered as needed.

ARTH 365 Special Topics in Art History (2-4 Credits)

Topics of current interest in the study of Art History and Visual Culture such as Art and Memory, Women Artists, Contemporary Architectural Theory, Architecture and Urbanism, History of Italian Gardens, Sacred Mountains, and Design for Film and Television. May be repeated for degree credit given a different topic.
Offered as needed.