College of Arts and Sciences May Term

May Term is a concentrated, intensive term structured for courses emphasizing at least one of the following characteristics: Experiential Learning, Collaborative Teaching and Learning, Service Learning, and Immersion Learning. These courses may make appropriate use of long expanses of time outside of class; take advantage of opportunities to extend classrooms through fieldwork, field trips, laboratory work, and travel; offer opportunities to focus on a single subject in depth; offer opportunities for faculty/student collaboration in research, creative process or teaching; be cross-disciplinary or team taught in ways precluded by longer semesters; use an extended period of time for experiential learning (for example, in service learning, internships, or cross-cultural immersion).

Students may take two residential (on-campus) May Terms free of tuition and room charges. May Term Travel and Non-residential CSAC courses are not considered residential (on-campus) courses. A May Term course fee will be charged for additional residential (on-campus) courses. Every May Term travel course will have fees advertised with the course. Deadlines for fees and travel permission forms will be publicized by the College of Arts and Sciences Study Away Office.

A representative sample of May Term travel courses includes the following:
BIOL 107 Tropical Ecology in Costa Rica
BIOL 260 Marine Conservation of the Pacific
AST 250 Service in Cambodia
CDIS 260 Service-Learning in Language, Culture, and Education in Guatemala
ENGL 265 “Timescapes”: Exploring the Ruins of Holocaust Memory (Salzburg)
EVST 281 The Palau Expedition: Explorations in Sustainable Development
EVST 285 The Ecology of Australia and New Zealand
EVST 360 Sustainable Development and Migration in Mexico
IDS 250 Outdoor Adventure
JNST 000A German Expressionist Film—The Austrian Connection (Salzburg)
JNST 000H Consuming Rio
PHIL 140 Animal Ethics and Service (Utah)
PHIL 160 Global Medical Ethics in Swaziland
POLI 362 Politics of Eastern Europe (Salzburg)
POLI 457 Policy Making in Washington, D.C.
PSYC 260 Jews, Muslims, and Basques: Their Sociocultural Contribution to Spain
SPAN 360 Ecuadorian Culture, Art, and Volunteering