Room Rates 2022-2023

All students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences as an undergraduate student are required to live on campus. Students approved to live off-campus must notify Residence Life and Housing before the beginning of each semester if they would like to change their housing status. 

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Air Conditioned Halls


Cortner ♦ East ♦ Melrose ♦ Merriam ♦ North ♦ Williams ♦

Holt  Grossmont ♦ California-Founders

Room Type: Semester rate:
Double-Hall Bath $5,887
Double-Suite Bath $6,183
Triple-Hall Bath* $4,709
Triple-Suite Bath* $4,948
Quad-Hall Bath* $3,532
Quad-Suite Bath* $3,708
*Please note that quads and triples are limited and assigned to those with the greatest financial need.