Room Draw Announcements and Instructions

You have been assigned a Room Draw selection date and time, based on your number of credits and GPA, to select housing for the coming academic year. Visit the MyRedlands Housing Portal to see your Start Time, located under Room Draw in the section labeled Room Selection.

1) Before you select a room: You will need to have selected and matched with all of your roommates and, if applicable, suitemate(s) in advance. Do this by clicking on Roommates/Suitemates under the Housing and Roommate Selection tab on the MyRedlands Housing Portal. Search for and select the students you want to include in your housing group, both roommates and suitemates. Then, instruct all the members of your group to visit their own portals to accept the pending roommate requests. Do not include roommates approved to live off-campus who will do so, anyone who will not live with you in a shared room or suite, or students taking a Leave of Absence.

2) Room Draw Date and Time: You have been assigned a specific date and time to participate in Room Draw which can be found under Room Selection on the home page of your MyRedlands Housing Portal. To make your housing selection, follow the prompts at your specified date and time. Although you will not be able to make a selection until your assigned date and time, during times the Room Draw process is open, you will have access to see what spaces remain available. Refresh the options by clicking "Search Available Rooms." You may make a housing selection during any of the Selection Time blocks that are after your assigned date and time.

3) Select Housing: During the selection process, you will identify a roommate or suitemate designation for each matched student in your group, while also placing them in a particular bed arrangement. Once you choose a room, you will not be able to participate in any of the remaining Room Draw opportunities. To make a housing selection, follow these steps:

  • Click on "Select a Room/Suite" under Room Draw.
  • Verify the students you want to live within a room and/or suite under "Roommate Group."
  • Click on "Select from Room List" to select room filters and click "Search Available Beds."
  • Review the Available Rooms and Rosters for locations and students already with assignments.
  • You will only be able to see the housing options available for the number of roommate/suitemate(s) you are matched with and selected in the prior section. For example, if you have four people in your group because you would like to get a suite with two double rooms, but none are available, no options will be displayed because there is no availability that meets your criteria.
  • If this happens to you, you will need to unmatch with students in your group to see other options. You may first want to unmatch with suitemates to see what double rooms remain open for you and your roommate to select separate from your proposed suitemates. The unmatched students will then need to enter the Room Draw process at their next best date and time to make their own housing selection.
  • To pick a room, click "Select Room" or "Select Room/Suite."
  • Place the students in your group into individual bed spaces using the dropdowns, paying particular attention to the room number in suited living environments.
  • Click "Submit Room Selection."
  • Any students you do not make a selection for will need to enter the Room Draw process at their next best date and time to make their own housing selection.

Final Room Draw: A final Selection Time block will be opened for any students without a housing assignment on Friday, May 28th. Any student without a room assignment after that time will be assigned one by Residence Life and Housing.

Singles and Waitlist: These applications will become available after the Room Draw process has finished, as single rooms and changes to housing assignments are limited in number. Priority for single rooms is given to students with accommodations.

Plan Ahead for Fall 2021: Sophomore students will move-in on August 30th, while all other returning students will move-in on August 31st. All check-ins will be completed by appointment only. Information about scheduling your arrival time will be provided in July.

May Term and Summer Closing 2022: Students not staying for May Term must check out by Sunday, April 24th. Also, each year the University closes some residential communities for May Term. For the coming May, those location will be Anderson, East, Fairmont, Melrose, and Williams Halls and the Grove Apartments. Students staying for May Term residing in these communities will be relocated to a different, comparable room assignment for the duration of May. They will be notified of their new assignments at the beginning of April and move on Sunday, May 1st. Students staying over May Term will need to check out of their community by Friday, May 27th.

Should you have any questions, please contact Residence Life and Housing at