New Student Housing Intention Form Information

                                                                                     New Student Housing Intention Form
                                                                                             First-Year Student Checklist

                                                    The New Student Housing Intention Form is the only housing form needed
                                                                                for both on and off campus consideration.

University Policies:

• Students are responsible for reading and understanding all details of the Room and Board Contract and Code of Community Standards before continuing. Please review these thoroughly, as completing this application indicates a student will uphold all information included in the publications and below.

Room Rates:

• The cost of Room Rates varies across the many different living arrangements on campus. For example, living in an apartment or a community with air conditioning and suite bathrooms will cost more than living in a traditional residence hall without air conditioning or hall bathrooms.
• The most common room type, an air-conditioned double room using a hall bathroom, is the room rate utilized for financial planning with Student Financial Services (SFS) and the room rate charged to a student’s account is based on their final housing placement.
• There are a very limited number of single and quad rooms, so most students will not be eligible for those spaces.

Meal Plans:

• All students living on campus are required to have a meal plan. The 19 Meals per Week (19MPW) plan is automatically assigned to all students, but students may change their meal plan up until the first Friday of classes each semester.
• Visit the Harvest Table website to learn more about the meal plans and their services.

Personal Profile: (June)

• Students will be provided instructions at the beginning of June for how to complete their Personal Profile to support in roommate selection and assignments. This will be an opportunity for students to answer questions about their living style, as well as share a narrative about what they are looking for in roommate(s)/suitemate(s).
• Once a student is assigned a community (further explanation below), Residence Life and Housing (RLH) will open the Roommate Selection process for students to view the Personal Profiles submitted for the other students placed in their assigned community. For this reason, students are highly encouraged to answer all questions regarding their living habits honestly. Sometimes family members fill out the profile for their students, which can lead to mismatched placements.

Community Placements: (beginning of July)

• All first-year students are housed together in communities based on their First Year Seminar (FYS) placement. RLH collaborates with the College of Arts and Sciences, Associate Dean of Academic Programs, to place students in halls by seminar courses to create living and learning communities.
• Students will learn about their specific hall placements at the beginning of July, but can take a look here to learn more about our first-year communities.

Roommate Selection: (end of July)

• Students will be provided instructions in mid-July for how to search for roommate(s), and suitemate(s) if applicable, within their hall placement.
• Students will search by various criteria (i.e. athlete, study habits, cleanliness, etc.) and, should they choose, be able to request others to be their roommate(s)/suitemate(s).
• For those who opt not to make requests, RLH will complete the matching on their behalf using the Personal Profile information provided.

Room and Roommate Assignments: (August)

• Students will be provided their room and roommate(s)/suitemate(s) assignment information in the beginning of August.
• Students are placed utilizing their room size (i.e. double, triple, etc.) and roommate(s)/suitemate(s) preferences, with a majority of students living in double or triple occupancy rooms based on availability.
• The University will consolidate and reassign rooms at various points during the year to facilitate special accommodations, adapt to housing needs, and optimize usage.
• The University reserves the right to place students in an empty space at any time, as well as cancel housing for an individual or group should this become necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

• As students plan for moving to campus, including thinking about what to bring, refer to the Residence Life and Housing FAQ for answers to the most common questions.

Housing Accommodations:

• The University requires documentation in order to make housing or dietary accommodations for students for medical or psychological needs.
• To request an accommodation, please complete the Accommodations Packet and submit it to Academic Success and Disability Services (ASDS). They work with RLH to arrange accommodations to meet the needs of our students with documented disabilities.

Off-campus Approval:

• All students are required to live on-campus for the duration of their undergraduate experience except in specific circumstances. Off-campus approvals are granted exclusively to students who meet a published exemption and more information can found on our website.
• Unless a student receives official off-campus approval from RLH, they are responsible for the costs associated with a room and meal plan.
• Under no circumstance should a student without off-campus approval make a commitment, of any kind, to live off-campus, including signing a rental or lease agreement.
• If off-campus approval is given, a student must provide the address of their off-campus residency by August 1st.

May Term and Community Closures:

• Students must be enrolled in a May Term course to remain eligible for housing in May Term, with the exception of athletes who remain completing.
• Select communities close during May Term each year to consolidate the resources and support for students.
• Students who are eligible to remain in housing during May Term who reside in a community that will close are relocated prior to May Term begins to comparable new assignments.
• For May Term 2023, the locations to close are likely East Hall, Fairmont Hall, the Grove Apartments, Melrose Hall, and Williams Hall.

For questions, please contact Residence Life and Housing at

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