Hall and Roommate Selection Information

Hello New Bulldogs!

The Residence Life and Housing (RLH) team hopes you are having a fantastic summer and cannot wait to welcome you to our residential communities in August! Please review the information below to learn about roommate selection, hall placements, and room assignments.

Roommate Selection and Assignments

  • If you have not yet submitted a roommate request, we strongly encourage you to follow the steps below to get to know students who, just like you, are new to the University of Redlands and need to find a roommate. If you have already matched with a roommate no further action is needed. 
  • On the MyRedlands Housing Portal, you will find Housing and Roommate Selection in the left toolbar. When you click on Select Roommates, and select Fall 2023 from the menu labeled For the Term, you will find you are able to view new student profiles.
  • If you find a student you think would be a good fit, click Request Roommate to notify the student of your interest and to prompt them to review your profile. If they accept your roommate request, which means both parties agree to be housed together, that will be reflected in your MyRedlands housing portal and theirs, too and you will be assigned a shared room in a First Year Residence Hall.
  • You will find roommate requests sent to you listed under Pending Roommate Requests and those you have matched with under Roommate Requests.
  • If you have trouble finding the right match, do not worry, the RLH team, has been helping to match roommates for years, and will do the same for you informed by your Personal Profile.
  • NOTE: The deadline to complete the roommate selection process is Friday, July 14th.

Hall Placements & Room Assignments

  • For billing purposes, your housing assignment, which you can find under Assignments on your MyRedlands Housing Portal, currently reflects "Generic Housed". Generic Housing is a placeholder used while assignments are being processed. Each summer incoming students are assigned this category which is replaced by the assigned hall and room once assignments are complete.
  • RLH will make hall and room assignments based on the information provided on your Housing Intention Form and Personal Profile.
  • Priority room assignment notification will be given to those who completed the housing intention form by the June 1st deadline.

Once we have completed the room assignment process, we will share what you need to know about both single rooms and our waitlist process.

Please visit our website to see what has been shared by Residence Life and Housing.

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