Hall and Roommate Selection Information (Transfers)


As the beginning of the year approaches, the Residence Life and Housing team grows more eager to get to know you! In the meantime, please review all the information below thoroughly, as many of your questions about housing and meal plans will be answered.

Hall Placement: You have completed the Transfer Student Housing Intention form to let us know of your community preferences. We will use these to place you into a housing assignment in the next few weeks. Please note, for billing purposes, your housing assignment currently reflects "Generic Housed" and will be replaced soon with your actual hall and room assignment.

Roommate Selection and Assignments: We take great care to match students with roommates based on their Personal Profile information. When it comes to living with other students, you may be surprised to find someone with very different interests can still share many of the same living traits that are important in a good roommate, for example similar sleep or cleanliness habits. For this reason, we urge you to approach living with roommates with a positive outlook and not to jump to conclusions about the viability of matches prior to trying them out.

Interested in looking for a roommate? For those interested in selecting their own roommate(s), please follow these steps by Monday, August 8th at 5pm to review the personal profiles of other incoming transfer students. Most transfer students find it helpful when we place them with returning student roommates who can offer assistance with transitioning to Redlands, this is a way to select a roommate if you wish.

  • On the MyRedlands Housing Portal, navigate to Housing and Roommate Selection in the left toolbar, click Select Roommates, and select Fall 2022 (CAS) from the menu labeled For the Term. Here you will search from other incoming transfer students by a variety of criteria and review their information. We encourage you to start with just one criteria, the most important factor to you, and work your way up to adding additional fields to narrow down the list of students.
  • If you find someone you would like to request, click Request Roommate. This will send a notification to that student, so they may review your information and decide on whether to agree to the roommate request. Given the roommate request is mutual through the approval of the request in their own MyRedlands Housing Portal, you will be matched together as roommates.
  • You will find roommate requests sent to you listed under Pending Roommate Requests and those you have match with under Roommate Requests.
  • Did you already submit a roommate preference? Verify we have confirmed your roommate requests by clicking on Housing and Roommate Selection on the main page of the MyRedlands Housing Portal. Click on Select Roommates and then select Fall 2022 (CAS) from the menu labeled For the Term. Any students already matched with you will be listed under Roommate Requests. Reply to this message if a roommate request that was included on your Transfer Student Housing Intention Form is not listed.

Room Assignment: Once the roommate selection and assignment process is completed at the beginning of August, you will be assigned a room with any roommates you matched with or those that were selected on your behalf. A room confirmation email will be sent to you mid-August with further move-in instructions.

Meal Plan: All students living on-campus are required to have a meal plan and new students have initially been assigned the 19 Meals Per Week (19MPW) meal plan. To view your current meal plan or to make a change, please visit the MyRedlands Housing Portal by September 2nd. After this date, the next opportunity to make an adjustment to your meal plan is leading up to the beginning of the next semester. Visit the Harvest Table website for more information about meal plans and rates.

  • Click on Meal Plans, click on Dining Plans, and then select Fall 2022 (CAS) from the menu located to the right of the Filter box.
  • The meal plan currently assigned to you will be listed. Click on a different meal plan option under Change my Meal Plan and click Purchase Meal Plan to change your plan.
  • A record of your meal plan selection history will be listed, with the one at the top being the plan currently assigned and being charged to your student account.

Move-in: Move-in for New Student Orientation on Wednesday, August 24th is by appointment only. Instructions will be provided in mid-August for students to sign-up for their arrival time. Please note, students with a balance due on their student account, as well as any other outstanding items from the Transfer Student Checklist, will not be permitted to move into their housing assignment until settled with Student Financial Services and/or the applicable offices.

  • Early Arrivals: Some students, new and returning, will move-in earlier than the published arrival dates as they are members of an Early Arrival Group. These students have prior permission to check-in at a different date/time and will receive additional information about move-in from their group's representative.

Should you have any questions, please email Residence Life and Housing at RLH@redlands.edu.

Best wishes,

Residence Life and Housing

University of Redlands