Off-campus Housing Confirmation and Information


Welcome to the University of Redlands! This message is confirmation that you have been approved to live off-campus and have been assigned an off-campus housing placement for the fall semester. If you decide you want to live on-campus, please reply directly to this email to notify us as soon as possible so that we may place you in a residential housing assignment. If we do not hear from you, we will assume you intend to live off-campus.

As a condition of living off-campus, you must keep the University informed of your local address at all times. Visit your MyRedlands Housing Portal to complete the Address Submission form by August 1st. The purpose is to maintain an accurate record of students' locations in the event of an emergency or community response. This means falsifying or inaccurately reporting the local address at which a student lives, or living in a circumstance that is different than your exemption, is a violation of the Code of Community Standards. If such a situation is discovered, it can result in the revocation of your off-campus status.

You will continue to be exempt from the residential living requirement for the duration of your undergraduate program, and do not need to petition again, provided you remain in good standing with the University. Please understand, however, you were approved off-campus for a specific exemption. Should the circumstances for your off-campus living change (i.e. if you are approved to live with a parent/guardian within 30 miles of campus and now want to live off-campus as a senior), you must communicate that information in advance for your off-campus eligibility to be reviewed.

Off Campus Exemption: 23 years of age or older

As an off-campus student, although it is not required, you are highly encouraged to sign-up for a meal plan. We know students living off-campus regularly buy meals or snacks while on-campus. Although there are a variety of options to support your dining experience and convenience, there is a special $100 Dining Dollars meal plan at a lower cost. We recommend a meal plan instead of paying for individual food purchases out of pocket because food bough with a meal plan is not taxed. Visit the Harvest Table website for more information about meal plans and rates and your MyRedlands Housing Portal to sign-up by September 2nd.

Please keep in mind the University of Redlands is a residential campus and the majority of students do live on-campus. As a first-year student, we would love to have you live in one of the communities to integrate into our campus community, get involved in clubs and organizations, and get used to life at the University. If this is an option you would like to pursue at any time, please let us know.

Should you have any questions, please contact Residence Life and Housing at

Best wishes,

Residence Life and Housing

University of Redlands