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Residence Life and Housing

Building Lasting Communities of Learning

All students at the University of Redlands are required to live on campus with a meal plan for the duration of their undergraduate career except in specific circumstances. Redlands students place a high priority on creating a genuine sense of community in our residence halls. Hall staff members and other student leaders play a pivotal role in planning hall activities and programs that encourage students to grapple with social and intellectual challenges.

Our departmental Mission Statement is Building Lasting Communities of Learning. We strive to do this by:
  • Fostering the development of healthy interpersonal relationships. 
  • Stimulating a dedication to responsible community engagement. 
  • Encourage growth, self-discovery, and self-advocacy. 
  • Developing a commitment to diversity awareness and social justice.
The Community Standards Process challenges all of our students to facilitate and evaluate what they want their own communities to be. Hall staff does many social and educational programs, and resident-initiated programming is also always encouraged and desired.

Each Residence Hall Community consists of a number of staff members who work to ensure that the communities are running smoothly and that our students feel safe to be themselves, explore their identities, and learn and grow together.