Request for Outside Lab Orders

Requesting outside lab or EKG orders at the Student Health Center:

The Student Health Center accepts lab and EKG orders from outside providers. All such orders must be received on practice letterhead, script, or lab requisition and must include:

  • Student’s name, date of birth and phone number 
  • ICD-10 code and description (reason for testing) 
  • Ordering provider’s signature 
  • Name of ordering provider typed or printed 
  • Fax and phone number for results reporting/questions 
  • Full ordering practice mailing address

When coming to the Student Health Center with outside lab orders:

  • You must make an appointment by phone: (909) 748-8021 
  • Abide by the University of Redlands COVID-19 safety protocols 
  • Sign the Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information form
  • Sign the Interpretation of Lab Results by Ordering Provider form 
  • Bring your lab order and above required information with you 
  • Bring your ID and insurance card


The Student Health Center serves as a draw station and is partnered with LabCorp. Results coming to the Student Health Center will be sent to the ordering provider by fax. Please note that lab work or EKG results will not be reviewed, interpreted, or managed for other providers. Please follow up with the provider who wrote the order to receive your results or to obtain copies of your lab work.


Outside lab orders will be billed by LabCorp to your insurance. You are responsible for any cost not covered by your insurance. Please contact your insurance carrier with any questions you may have about coverage.