Welcome to the Student Health Center

Passionate about student’s health and wellbeing, the Health Center at the University of Redlands has the resources you need to feel like your best self. A confidential, safe space for all, we are here to provide one – on – one care suiting a wide range of needs.

We are an outpatient, primary care clinic located on Brockton, behind the Chapel.  All full-time students are eligible to be seen at the Health Center, including graduate students.  We do not bill insurance plans, and there is a $10 charge for office visits.  Some additional services are offered at a discounted rate such as lab tests. 


Protocol for students seeking appointments at the Student Health Center

Purpose: In order to mitigate the spread of COVID 19, and for the safety of staff and students, the Student Health Center will not be accepting walk-in appointments during the 2022 May and Fall terms.

  1. The student must call the SHC for an appointment. 
  2. Triage by telephone of the student’s complaints by the nurse practitioner will determine whether a student will be seen virtually or in-person, and whether they need evaluation same-day or at next available appointment. 
  3. If, during triage, a student is noted to have a compromise in airway, breathing, or circulation, 911 will be called for the student* 
  4. A student that can be evaluated virtually (i.e., consults that do not require an exam), will be evaluated via WebEx. 
  5. A student who is evaluated in the health center must have entered their daily symptoms check via the UR Ready app. The UR Ready app check in will be confirmed at appointment time. 
  6. At time of appointment arrival, the student will call to confirm that they have arrived. Students will be encouraged to wait outside or in their vehicles until there is a room available to be evaluated in. 
  7. When the heath center is ready for the student, a staff member will call the student to come in. Temperature will be taken at this time. 
  8. If a student presents with symptoms of COVID-19 they will be directed to enter through a separate entrance and be placed in a designated room for evaluation. 
  9. Should a student need supplies/medications:
    1. Payment for supplies/medications will be encouraged to be made via credit card over the phone before pick up. 
    2. If student is picking up supplies/medications from the health center, student will be instructed to call the SHC when they arrive for contactless pick up.

*or Public Safety depending on severity and location.


COVID-19 and Nebulized Therapy

In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and for the safety of the health center staff and students seeking medical care at the Student Health Center, breathing treatments via a nebulizer for acute asthma exacerbations (“asthma attack”) and/or other chronic respiratory illnesses will not be offered during the 2021 Spring and May terms. Should anyone present to the Student Health Center in respiratory distress, 911 will be called for immediate attention. Students who depend on nebulized breathing treatments are encouraged to speak to their medical provider or pulmonologist to ensure that they have the appropriate medications and a working nebulizer in order to continue nebulized therapy at home. If you are concerned about how to use your nebulizer or have questions regarding nebulized therapy, please call the Student Health Center at (909) 748-8021.