Gamma Delta Rho

Nickname: GDR 
Colors: Black accented in Gold, Green, and Red 
Values: Exude, Exemplify, Epitomize Excellence 
Year Founded: 2019 

Gamma Delta Rho is a fraternity officially established February 1, 2019. We aim to unify men of color by creating an environment in which young, cultured men can thrive. This fraternity manifests a lifelong, rich, and sustainable bond among its members. We strive to inspire our community and uphold the sacredness of our brotherhood. Our philanthropy is violence prevention specifically against women and you girls. Membership to Gamma Delta Rho is limited to those, and only those that are of active undergraduate status at the University of Redlands and are attending the institution at the time of their initiation. Members are required to be in good academic standing, maintaining a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, in accordance with the laws set forth by the Greek Council. New members qualify for a bid if they meet these criteria. 

Greek Transparency Act

2023-24 2022-23

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