Graduation Requirements

At least one CSAC/CER course must be taken in order to fulfill Liberal Arts Inquiry (LAI) expectation. In addition to opportunities like the popular courses listed below, students have the option of choosing from special topics, departmental courses, and working with community outreach partners. Students may fulfill the CSAC/CER requirement by taking a course with or without credits. 

With Credit Option

CSAC/CER  Sections "A" - All Sections Service Learning: Experiential Activity Placement (3 units) An 80-hour service activity with individual placement contract, journal, evaluations, timesheet, final paper, and group verbal reflection. A meeting with a CSL administrator is required prior to contract development and approval.

Available: Fall, Spring, May, Summer

CSAC/CER-301A Service Learning Initiative:  Adding service-learning credit components to an academic course (1 to 2 units) In negotiation with faculty and a CSL administrator, students may earn 1 or 2 credits (1 credit equates to 30 hours of service and additional reflection; 2 credits doubles those numbers) beyond the departmental course credits.  Students must have a CSL approved placement contract, a reflective component, journal, evaluations, timesheet, final paper, and verbal reflection.  This option may be appropriate for travel courses and study abroad programs.  Approval from the CSL Director is required if completed with a travel course.

Available: Fall, Spring, May

CSAC 360: All Sections, Service Learning Special Topics (3 units) Generally offered in May, CSAC/CER special topics courses integrate service with the curriculum  The standard class involves 40+ hours of class instruction and 30+ hours of service outreach.  Faculty establish their own take-home assignments, but general pre-service preparation, timesheet, journal, final paper, and group verbal reflection are required.  Taught by various faculty – see the Schedule of Classes or contact the Office of Community Service Learning for course descriptions.

Available: May

Without Credits

CSAC Sections “B” (0 units) No transcripted credit, but fulfills the CSAC/CER requirement if approved. Previous or current public service through work-study, volunteer service, or 80 hours of employment with a non-profit agency. Formal documentation of hours served (from agency or program) and a final reflective paper must accompany the contract to fulfill community service learning requirement without transcripted credits. 

Available: Fall, Spring, May

Cross-Listed Departmental Courses (0 units) Fulfills the CSAC/CER requirement; department course credit only: Students successfully completing faculty-taught departmental 3-or-4 unit courses already integrating a strong service component fulfill the CSAC/CER requirement if the service components require at least 20 hours of service and additional reflection. Students earn departmental credits and fulfill the CSAC/CER requirement, but receive no transcripted CSAC/CER course credits.

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