Big Buddies

Big Buddies is a child-centered service program that reaches out to the community by providing positive role models for elementary school children from the ages of 6-10 (Little Buddies Program) and middle school children from the ages of 11-14 (Middle Buddies Program).

The program is structured as a group-on-group setting, with one-on-one pairings. This system expands the role model influence to many different types of college students from the University of Redlands. The program invites children from local communities to participate.


Mondays 6pm to 8:30pm. Mentors arrive by 5:45pm.


6:00pm: Tutoring and homework
6:30pm: Children without homework arrive
7:00pm: Organized game or activity
8:00pm: Free time with snacks


University Hall and Casa Loma Building, University of Redlands.


The Big Buddies (College Mentors) are selected through an application and interview process that takes place during the first month of each semester. In order to verify that the college mentors have clear credentials to serve with the Big Buddies program, the names of each applicant are run through the Student Affairs Office for a university background/disciplinary check as well as a background check with Verified Volunteers.

2020-2021 Student Directors:

Little Buddies Co-Directors:
Tara Takenaka, Senior
Margaret Stoops, Senior

Middle Buddies Co-Directors:
Sarah Hall, Senior
Monet Dudas, Junior


For inquiries, please contact the Coordinator of Children's Programs or Associate Director by calling the Office of Community Service Learning at (909) 748-8288.