Student Staff

Our work on campus would not be possible without our interns. These students use their work study funds to coordinate exciting programs and intriguing discussions on campus on a variety of issues. Interns have the opportunity to combine their expertise and passions with academic resources and collaborate with other interns to develop programs. Duties include administrative support, coordinating programs, and research. Our interns are multi-talented and dedicated to their work.

Campus Diversity and Inclusion hires a number of student interns each year, working within CDI itself as well as the Multicultural Center, Pride Center, and Gender Justice Center. Some work on specific projects such as I'm Going to College while others work with First Generation Student Programs, D.U.D.E.S. and Native Student Programs.

If you are interested in becoming an intern with CDI, please contact Peter Tupou. In addition to our interns, we have many volunteers who help with programs and hang out in the centers.