What to Expect this Fall

As we grow closer to returning to campus, we'd like to keep you as informed as possible as we reimagine the student experience in the context of federal, state, and local health and safety guidelines. The Student Affairs team, and many others, are working diligently to develop strategies for what campus will look like this fall.

Details about what to expect upon your return to Redlands can be found in the FAQ below. There are many more decisions to be made​. As we have updates for the community they will be shared here. Additionally, campus-wide email communications​ from Student Affairs about Life on Campus and a general FAQ organized by departments within Student Affairs can be found on this page. Should you have any questions that are not addressed, please email Student_Affairs@redlands.edu

Student Involvement and Success

Will there be events on campus this Fall (such as Social Affairs activities, Convocations and Lectures, Parties, and other gatherings)?

Student Involvement and Success (SIS), alongside Associated Students of the University of Redlands (ASUR), will collaborate with campus partners to do all we can to provide opportunities to host events. When planning events, we will consider approved gathering size, virtual options, outdoor venues, and safe practices based on guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and San Bernardino County Public Health.

Also, we should all expect that access to programming space will be limited because of sanitizing schedules and the size and scale of events will be constrained because of the need to be physically distanced.  Fortunately, the campus has a variety of outdoor spaces and we have all learned to be very creative in virtual spaces!  It remains true that every event must be entered into our scheduling system, 25Live, where you will find all outdoor spaces listed and a “virtual” even location option. 

How will Associated Students of the University of Redlands (ASUR) leadership be supporting the student body?

ASUR is working with University partners to enhance outdoor spaces to be used, exploring options for virtual events, and developing more frequent smaller events. All while continuing to improve communication, policy and enhancing platforms for the student voice to be heard.

What’s happening with Greek Life?

Greek Council is working on suspending sections of applicable constitutions in order to comply with guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and San Bernardino County Public Health. Based on these guidelines, the decision was made by the leadership of the Greek Community on July 6 to postpone Fall Rush to Spring 2021. Organizational Houses will be closed for the Fall of 2020 semester.

Will Clubs and Organizations be able to host events/meetings?

The short answer to this question is “yes” however, meetings are not permitted for the first two weeks of the semester. This will provide all of us some time to become familiar with our new campus experience, to explore possibilities with regard to events and meeting and for SIS to host “how-to” trainings on Webex, Teams, and Presence, and to work with groups to be sure their meeting/event plans comply with the recommendations and required practice. 

Who can I contact with specific questions regarding my club or organization?

For any further questions please reach out to the Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Success, Darci Manzo Piron, at darci_manzopiron@redlands.edu for assistance.

Clubs and Organizations

What’s Happening with Greek Life?

Greek Council is working on Constitution suspensions in order to comply with guidelines provided by Center for Disease Control (CDC) and San Bernardino County Public Health Department, these will determine if there will be a Fall 2020 Rush. Organizational Houses will be closed for the Fall of 2020 semester.    

What’s Happening with Student Clubs and Organizations?

When planning meetings, programs and events organizations must consider approved gathering size, virtual options, outdoor venues and safe practices based on guidelines provided by Center for Disease Control (CDC) and San Bernardino County Public Health Department. Organizations should maximize their use of virtual options: Webex, Teams, Presence, SIS will be hosting trainings at the beginning of the Fall Semester.

Will there be an All School Dinner or Involvement Fair?

No in-person All School Dinner or Involvement Fair will be held.

Will there be on-campus parties?

There will be no on-campus parties at this time.

Student Health Center

Will the Health Center offer COVID-19 testing?

The Student Health Center is dedicated to providing continued comprehensive preventative and primary care to our students, including the offering of COVID-19 testing beginning Fall term. All students who come to the Student Health Center will be screened at the front door for COVID-19 symptoms and will have their temperature checked. Students will be required to wear a mask while waiting to be seen and will maintain 6-foot distancing in the lobby. Students will also be encouraged to wait outside in the outdoor seating that will be available.

What should I do if I begin to exhibit COVID-19 symptoms?

Students will be advised that if they begin to exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 they should call the Student Health Center before coming in. All students exhibiting symptoms will be directed to enter the Student Health Center through a separate entrance and will go directly to room designated for COVID possible patients. The Health Center team has ensured that there is sufficient personal protective equipment for staff members who will come in contact with potential COVID-19 infected students.

How will the Health Center be supporting students during this time?

The Student Health Center is also a part of a team of volunteers who will be assisting in contact tracing for those who test positive for COVID-19 and is working closely with the departments of Residence Life and Housing, Academic Success, and others to ensure that students are well supported during this time.

Residence Life and Housing

Where can I find more information about Housing?

A separate FAQ about housing on the Redlands campus is available through Residence Life and Housing.

Mailing Center

Can I send packages to campus prior to my arrival?

Yes! Students are allowed to send packages to campus prior to their arrival. 

When can I begin to ship packages to campus?

Storage space in the Mail Center is limited, so please do not ship items more than two weeks ahead of your assigned campus move-in date or, if a commuter, the date you will arrive in Redlands. 

What is the mailing address on campus?

Students should use the following address:

Students name
1231 E. Colton Ave
Redlands, CA. 

Do I need to know my mailbox number?

If you have a box number, please do include it on the shipment. If you do not have a box number at the time of the shipment, the package can be sent without a number.    New assignments with box numbers, combinations, student addresses, and instructions will be mailed to those needing a box number in the coming weeks. Families will receive this information as well.

Athletic Facilities

Will the Fitness Center, Thompson Aquatic Center and Verdieck Courts be open?

The Tennis Courts are currently open. We are planning to open the Fitness Center and the Thompson Aquatic Centers for the University community at the start of the fall semester, maybe sooner. Please know our operations will be dependent upon and follow the latest guidance issued by the local and state officials.

What precautions will be taken when Athletic facilities reopen?

Limited capacity restrictions, face coverings, physical distancing, providing your own hydration source and towel will be some of the new operational procedures in place for all our facilities. An increased cleaning and sanitation routine will also be implemented in these facilities.

Community Service Learning

Will there be opportunities for community engagement this fall through CSL?

The Office of Community Service Learning has been negotiating service and safety as the pandemic has altered our normal approach to engagement. Some service remains part of our collective efforts such as farming on our Sustainable University of Redlands Farm (SURF), environmental service at local conservancies, tutoring and mentoring virtually, as well as serving non-profits virtually and in some cases directly - depending upon assignments.

Will Children’s Programs be up and running this fall?

Please know that we are closely monitoring all types of opportunities to serve our communities but because of the uncertainty of COVID-19, start dates for our Children's Programs and some CSAC assignments won't be announced until later this Fall when our students and student leadership return to be part of those conversations and we get a clearer understanding from the local and state health authorities and the U of R leadership team of what might be possible.

Who can I contact regarding my CSAC placement?

For specific questions regarding your situation please reach out to the Director of Community Service Learning, Tony Mueller, at tony_mueller@redlands.edu for assistance.

The Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing

How do I stay engaged with CSWELL?

The Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing offers health and wellness education to students both in-person and via other channels like social media.  Follow @livewell_bulldogs on Instagram to keep up with what’s happening.

What will virtual engagement look like?

We will continue to offer these opportunities, with additional effort to make sure students can access our offerings virtually, and at times that work for them.  Our office also meets regularly with students in response to concerns expressed that a student might not be doing well, or in response to potential violations of University policy.  These meetings have typically occurred in-person, but we anticipate a mixture of virtual and in-person meetings with students for the Fall.

Campus Diversity and Inclusion

What's new in CDI?

Effective July 1, the current Office of Campus Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) and Native Student Programs (NSP) will be under the leadership of Senior Diversity and Inclusion Officer Christopher Jones. Christopher will work with CDI and NSP to reimagine our mission and provide education and training for students, faculty, and staff.

Will social distancing limit our use or access to the Centers in the Hunsaker Building?

We will need to comply with University expectations as well as state and local recommendations; therefore, physical-distancing limitations will require us to find alternate locations to gather for meetings and group conversations. Leading up to the start of the semester, common spaces across campus, including CDI spaces, are being reconfigured to reflect the need to be physically distanced. This doesn’t mean however; we have to be socially distanced!

What sort of activities can we look forward to this Fall from CDI?

In the last few months, we have been collaborating with Student Affairs colleagues and several faculty members to create valuable student experiences Here are some of what we are working on, in the context of health and safety obligations:

  • Partnering with Community Service Learning to narrow the gap between CDI and CSL and to explore ways that we can serve and learn in new, diverse and unique ways. the two areas in programs, events, and outreach.
  • Hosting our annual Summer Bridge program which will include a First-Year Journey (FYJ) for each interested participant.
  • Hosting Ken Nwadike Jr., the advocate who leads the Free Hugs campaign during new student orientation.
  • Supporting a group of students who are developing Get Out the Vote events, which CDI will host. This group will host outreach activities to educate students on ballot initiatives and to encourage students to become much more aware of the importance of letting their voices be heard in November.

Outdoor Programs and Recreation

Will First Year Journey's be running?

Outdoor Programs will be running First Year Journey’s prior to the Fall Semester.  We are adapting these trips to manage the risks associated with COVID-19 with special attention given to transportation, food prep and service, tents and accommodations, and outdoor activities. For the latest updates on FYJ’s visit here.

Will bike repair services be available this Fall?

Outdoor Programs will continue to offer bike repair services through our rental shop. These services include repair, new/fixed tubes, bike building, etc.

Will outdoor rental gear be available this Fall?

Outdoor Programs will be offering limited outdoor gear rentals for students.  All rented gear will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each use which may limit items or availability, nonetheless, there will be items available for rent at our rental shop! 

What Outdoor Programs trips will be offered this fall?

Outdoor Programs is planning on running two types of trips during the Fall semester:

  • The first type of trip will operate very similar to our standard weekend trips, where gear, activities, transportation, and food are provided. These trips will be run every weekend and will be limited in their availability due to the transportation limitations physical distancing creates.
  • The second type of trip will involve students meeting OP trip leaders at the trailhead between a certain window of time. Students will provide their own food and transportation but will be guided by our OP trip leaders for the duration of the hike/activity.  We are excited at the possibilities of these “meet up” trips in terms of locations, capacity, and reaching new audiences (grad students, faculty, staff!) and they will be significantly less expensive than our weekend OP trips (only paying for subsidized guiding for activities like surfing, paddleboarding, etc.).

Will Intramural Sports be offered?

Intramural Sports are developing a series of COVID-19 friendly sports and activities for the fall.  We are in the process of working with Yucaipa Regional Golf Course to run both golf and footgolf tournaments off-campus.  We are working to create a disc golf league for the fall and evaluating recreation spaces on campus for re-opening and programming.

Can I still participate in Club Sports?

Club sports will be limited in their scope and availability during the fall.  We do not plan on running club volleyball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, or lacrosse at this time.  We will offer leadership and team development opportunities to promote community and leadership among individual teams and the 200 students that participated in club sports last year.

Office of the Chaplain and Religious Life

What Religious Life groups will be on campus this year?

There are five Religious Life groups involved on campus this coming year.  The Newman Club (sponsored by the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino), Hillel (Jewish advisors Sharon Oster and Rabbi Resnick), Young Life (a college ministry of Young Life, advisor Nick In’t Hout), and Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (advisor Ben Vail, Inland Empire Director) each have current programs, student leaders and consistent para-professional leadership to encourage the groups in their common life and work.  The newest organization is the Multifaith Student Group, advised by Lillian Larsen, Peter Tupou, and Chaplain Walsh. Additionally, there is a Fellowship of Christian Athletes group that serves many students on sports teams, with a particular constituency drawn from the football team.

Where will weekly religious life meetings and events be held?

Due to the effects of COVID-19, the University is making a number of proposed changes about how and where we can meet. That means that this fall, we will need to reconsider where meetings take place. Hillel has a Friday night Shabbat service that often meets in the Heritage Lounge. With physical distancing requirements, that needs to be reconsidered. Newman has Mass on Sunday evening in the Robbins Room That space is too small for social distancing if 40 or more people attend mass. IV and Young Life face the same challenge for their weekly Bible Studies. Sponsors and Advisors of these groups will be meeting with the Chaplain in the next few weeks to discuss options and alternatives for these locations.

Will the Meditation Room be open for students this Fall?

Many of our students also use the offerings of the Religious Studies department as sources for their own exploration of religious faith.  The Meditation Room and its varied regular and occasional classes are quite popular and Fran Grace’s Compassion class always fills fast. However, at this time the Meditation Room is currently closed, and Professor Grace is considering how to continue meditation groups in another location or format.

How will the Chaplain’s Office be supporting the counseling team?

The Office of the Chaplain is one of the additional resources that will be available to the Counseling Center for 2020-2021. Due to changes to the service delivery model and scope of services this coming year, The Chaplain’s Office will be supporting the counseling team. Chaplain Walsh was trained as a Pastoral Counselor and has many years of experience in providing counseling for students. Due to the need to increase more rapid access for students, the Chaplain will be available to see students with mild to moderate counseling needs. More severe, complex mental health conditions will be seen by either by the Counseling Office a member of the counseling center staff or referred to a local provider. The Office of the Chaplain also sponsors worship programs in the Chapel.  Of special interest are the services of Evensong (presented by Ensemble XXI under the direction of Professor Jeffrey Rickard) and Compline (presented by the Chapel Singers under the direction of Professor Nicholle Andrews).  Because of large group meeting limitations, we will have to reimagine Evensong and Compline this fall.  The Chaplain also leads meditation walks at the Labyrinth on Sunday evenings during term. These meditation walks can continue but with new guidelines as to how many individuals can walk the Labyrinth at one time.

The Counseling Center

What will Counseling Services on the Redlands campus look like this year?

For a full update on the mental health and counseling services that will be available to all students on the University of Redlands campus beginning in late August, see the memo regarding Fall 2020 Counseling Services Changes.

Transfer Student Success Team

How can I prepare for my time at Redlands?

Transfer student webinars are being hosted throughout the summer on a variety of topics, such as, an introduction to student resources, virtual registration support, and making connections at Redlands. We strongly encourage all transfer students to attend the virtual orientation events. If students are unable to attend, certain sessions will be recorded with the option of viewing at a later time. To view the full list of Transfer Student Success Webinars, visit here.

Who can I contact with questions regarding the transfer student experience?

The Transfer Student Success Team (TSST) hosts office hours every Wednesday and Thursday. To schedule an appointment, please click here. Members of the TSST will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding topics such as the New Student Checklist and orientation.

For any further questions about starting your educational journey at the U of R, please reach out to the Transfer Student Success Coordinator, Amber Arguello, at amber_arguello@redlands.edu for assistance.

When do I register for classes?

Advising and Registration for transfer students will take place next week! Meetings with faculty advisors and class registration will take place virtually. Information about the registration has been mailed to your Redlands email account. Please continue to check your Redlands email for further details regarding registration.

What is the Peer Mentor Program?

The Transfer Peer Mentor Program is one of the many highlights of Transfer Student Success. This program makes one-on-one personalized support available to all interested transfer students. This Fall, peer mentors will be hosting both in-person and virtual office hours to accommodate the diverse needs of our students.

How can I stay up to date with Transfer Student Success Team?

Transfer students at Redlands can stay up to date on all of Transfer Student Success events and resources by reading TRANSFERMATION, a weekly newsletter emailed to all transfer students on Thursday afternoons.  Check your inbox!

Bulldog Student Athletes

Will there be Bulldogs Athletics this fall?

The University of Redlands and Bulldog Athletics remain committed to providing the best student-athlete experience possible, beginning with the return of the fall sport student-athletes. The continued health, safety and wellbeing of our student-athletes, coaches, staff, fans and university community must continue to be our highest priority as we envision what the experience will look like upon our return to campus. We are working with our SCIAC partner institutions, following the latest guidance from the CDC, state officials, and San Bernardino County Health Department. We also are implementing the NCAA Resocialization of Sport guidelines, along with the revised fall semester Academic Calendar, in determining our next steps toward the return of Bulldog Athletics this fall. 

The COVID-19 pandemic remains to be a very fluid and ever-changing situation no matter where you might be. Guidance and recommendations change almost daily, so the information and decisions we share are based solely on the current status of the pandemic, where we hope to be later this summer and upon your return to campus this fall. Therefore, we must acknowledge that it is all subject to change.

What does a SCIAC-only competition schedule mean?

The SCIAC Athletic Administrators and SCIAC Presidents have agreed that it is in the best interest of the health and safety of our student-athletes, coaches, support staff, and others to limit our competition to SCIAC institutions only.  That means that no teams will travel outside of the SCIAC or that teams from other institutions or out of state will travel to the SCIAC institutions.   It is important to note that SCIAC institutions are located in four different counties.   Guidance and permissible activities will vary in each county as we move forward.

What will the competition schedule for my sport look like this fall?

The competition schedules are being developed and will ultimately depend on when we can return to sports competition, as well as how many of our SCIAC institutions are able to participate. Currently, the schedule model for all of the fall sports includes all nine institutions and is a weekend-only competition schedule. For volleyball and men’s water polo, we will compete in “pods” on Saturdays; in other words, three teams will compete at one site and each team will face the other two throughout the day. For men’s & women’s cross country, we will compete in SCIAC-only pods of either four or five teams with one race on Saturday morning for a total of four races over five weeks. Men’s and women’s soccer will compete on Fridays and Sundays.  The conference football schedule remains unchanged, begins Saturday, October 3, and runs for seven straight weekends.   

By competing on weekends only, our student-athletes and coaching staff will remain on campus during the week to limit outside exposure and to allow us to monitor the ongoing health of our teams.   

Will my team be eligible for a SCIAC Championship?

As per the announcement, the SCIAC Presidents have agreed that if at least four institutions are competing in any given sport, then a SCIAC Championship will be determined in that sport.

Will there be SCIAC Postseason Tournaments in the Fall?

The current schedule model for fall sports does include the four-team SCIAC Postseason Tournament for men’s and women’s soccer, volleyball, and men’s water polo.  Again, the number of institutions competing in any one sport will ultimately influence both the regular-season schedule and the number of teams in the postseason schedule. 

Will there be fans in the stands for my competitions?

The SCIAC has agreed that for at least the first few weeks of competition, there will be no fans permitted to attend competitions.   After that, whether fans will be permitted or not, will be determined by a combination of the most up-to-date county and local group gathering guidance, as well as each institution’s policy and the size and feasibility of the specific venue.   We will do our best to provide fan updates on the GoRedlands.com website as we move forward with the competition seasons.

As a student-athlete at the University of Redlands, will I be tested regularly for COVID-19?

We continue to work on our protocols for regular health checks and COVID-19 testing of our University of Redlands students, including student-athletes.  What has been established at this time is that there will be testing available on campus, through the Health Center, for any students who are symptomatic or are known to have incurred prolonged exposure to someone who has tested positive for COIVD-19.

Will I need to quarantine or isolate for 14 days when I return to campus?

No, students will not be asked or expected to self-isolate upon their return to campus.  However, it would be in the best interest of all, if everyone practiced social distancing, wore a face covering, and used proper handwashing and hygiene during the 10 to 14 days prior to your return to campus and again once you arrive. 

What about the competition schedules for winter and spring sports?

It is too early to determine what the competition schedules for our winter and spring sports might look like.  One of the challenges presented by the winter sports is the extended winter break on many SCIAC campuses, (including the University of Redlands), with in-person classes ending before the Thanksgiving holiday.   The SCIAC Athletic Administrators and SCIAC Presidents will have more conversation about the winter and spring sport competition schedules between now and mid-August.  

What about the “split season” sports of golf and tennis?

The SCIAC Athletic Administrators and SCIAC Presidents have approved moving forward with the fall seasons for the split-season programs.   The men’s and women’s tennis teams plan to compete in the ITA West Regional event (which is all SCIAC institutions) as they do each fall.   Men’s and women’s golf will also be able to compete in events hosted by SCIAC institutions. 

What about the fall non-traditional season for spring sports?

Again, it is a bit early for us to make any decisions about the fall non-traditional season for our spring sports.   What we do know is that the SCIAC will leave decisions about fall non-traditional seasons up to each institution.  The University of Redlands is committed to providing that part of the student-athlete experience as long as we can do so safely and prudently.   We will not make any determinations about the spring sport non-traditional seasons this fall until we have returned to campus and started our fall sports, and can evaluate our health and safety protocols, support staff availability, and facility usage.  

What if I have additional questions?

Please reach out to your coaching staff with your additional questions.  If they cannot answer them or feel the information might be helpful to others, they will reach out to Jeff Martinez, Director of Athletics.  Please know the Bulldog Athletics FAQ will be updated as every 7-10 days or as significant developments occur.