Uniquely Redlands

Coming to the University of Redlands is part of an amazing journey you as students take as you develop and grow in ways that are most important to you.  As you look at colleges, you are really choosing an environment which will allow you to “fit” in a way that feels most comfortable for the learning years ahead.  Following are four distinctives that particularly characterize the University of Redlands. 

First is location.  We are near enough to the desert, the beach, the mountains, and the wonderful urban offerings of Los Angeles to allow you to access all those places in 45-60 minutes.  You can be hiking in Joshua Tree, skiing, surfing, apple picking, visiting museums and clubs all in a very short time.  What being just that distance does for us, however, is create a stronger community on campus and when you go to those places, you will no doubt be going with new friends.  Students stay on campus unless they get a group together and decide to go to one of those locations, so we have a strong 24/7 community right here with lots of opportunity a short distance away. 

Second in the notable category is size.  That relates somewhat to community, but we are big enough for high choice and small enough to care.  Most of us are on a first name basis.  All the students eat in one dining hall and mealtimes are major communication parties!  We are highly residential, but with 12 halls and the Brockton Apartments as well as small group houses, you have all the choice of a large University. 

Third, we prize involvement!  Students here are very people oriented and love doing things.  Over 2/3 come with involvement in leadership activities and/or community service.  We meet you with a student body that served over 100,000 hours last year and a student government organization that is thriving.  We have over 125 clubs and organizations, major speakers, newspaper, radio station, and yearbook and over 450 events (mostly student organized) per year, a local only Greek system involving about 28% of the students, quantities of fine arts events, as well as tremendous opportunities in the area of diversity and inclusion.  The Athletic teams compete at championship levels regularly and always with a considerable cadre of maroon and grey supporters.  Over 26% of our students are scholar athletes, which means they achieve a 3.5 or higher along with an active involvement in their sport.  Many students are involved in intramurals, outdoor programs, and club sports as well. 

And finally, we have a web of support for your success.  An award winning food service takes care of your hunger in very creative ways!  A counseling and health center supports your physical and mental health.  Tutoring and writing lab services, and accommodations are available should you need them.  Professional development provides numerous options for your future beyond Redlands.   And each year, first year students are surveyed as they enter the University as to their expectations.  About 58-60% tell us they expect to be pleased with their experience here and as they are completing their first year, that percentage jumps to 92% in terms of those who were pleased with what happened to them in that critical first year.  We truly are a unique place with tremendous opportunity for you.