Report an issue or incident

Any person, student or otherwise, is able to generate a Communication Record regarding the actions or behaviors of a University of Redlands student or organization. The Communication Record will then be forwarded to the Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing for review and any applicable resolution.

Communication Records should not be used to report emergencies such as immediate threats to life or property. These types of reports should be directed to Public Safety at 909-748-8888 or the Redlands Police Department through dialing 911 or 909-793-1911.

When composing a Communication Record, please be sure to include as much specific information as possible regarding the alleged incident, while still being concise. Reports should be composed using the narrative "3rd person" voice/perspective. For example, rather than using "I/We" statements, a report should use a "Mr. Jones observed..." framework and style.

Additionally, it is important for only factual and objective information to be submitted in the Communication Record. Information based upon opinion, or not relevant to the alleged incident, may be edited from the final version of the Communication Record.

It is most helpful if Communication Records answer the following questions:

  • When did the alleged incident occur?

  • Where did the alleged incident occur?

  • How did the "author" of the Communication Record become involved in, or aware of, the alleged incident?

  • Who was involved (include the names of students and others)?

  • What was witnessed or observed?

Questions about submitting a Communication Record should be directed to the Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing at 909-748-8259.

Please use this link to report an issue or incident regarding hazing or organizational misconduct of any kind.  The University prohibits hazing of any kind and takes issues of misconduct by organizations or groups very seriously.  The Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing will do everything within its power to maintain the privacy and anonymity of reporting parties.

Use this link for all other issues or incidents, not related to hazing or organizational misconduct.