LiveWell Bulldogs and the Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing is always looking to start off the new semester with undergraduate interns to help support our campus-wide wellness initiatives! This is a great professional development opportunity for students and can be a resume booster for students in the Health, Medicine, & Society, Psychology, and Media & Visual Culture Studies programs. If you have a passion for health and wellness, learn more about how you can join the LiveWell team!

***Application for Fall 2021 Information Below*****

We are currently seeking student applicants for intern positions with our office to be a part of the health and wellness education we offer to University of Redlands students. Our targeted timeline for our interview and selection process is the beginning of May.

Check out our Spring 2021 interns and what they had to share about their experience!

“As a Psychology major, many of the topics we addressed during our campaigns were related to my educational field. This internship made me more confident in my abilities to adapt and grow both personally and professionally.” Miranda Colvin ’21, Spring 2021 Intern

“Coming into an area of health and wellness as a Creative Writing major enabled me to hone into my research skills, breaking down the research process that is not only effective but saves time. As someone wanting to go into journalism, this was a must to learn on my end.” Romina-marie Baronia ’22, Spring 2021 Intern

“By the end of this internship, I grew into a more conscious and active community member. I saw the importance and value in dedicating my time and effort to projects that focused on the health and wellbeing of a larger community. My experience as a LiveWell Bulldog Intern helped me realize the power I have to make a difference and that no matter the size, all effort put into the progression of a community is important and necessary.” Cristina Jercan ’22, Spring 2021 Intern

“I have grown as a person in many ways. The most specific change is becoming a more well-rounded individual. By taking to heart our message, working with my fellow interns, and spreading our message, I feel I have grown in my communication, time management, and listening abilities. I can apply these to my daily life and meet many more challenges to come.” Justin Siedel ’22, Spring 2021 Intern

“I have gained valuable group experience during this internship. I also became more comfortable sharing my opinions and ideas during meetings, which made me realize how valuable and beneficial my input is. I was also able to see a new side of Redlands and the community that I have never seen, so I am very grateful to feel like I have connected with so many people this last semester.” Bethany Sieffert ’23, Spring 2021 Intern

Here is what you can expect as a student intern:

  • We offer Certified Peer Educator Training, a nationally recognized health education training, to students who work with our office. In addition, regular meetings with interns include ongoing professional development via research on specific health topics, and other competencies, like coaching/motivational interviewing skills, program design and marketing, etc. 
  • We seek to find a fit between the specific interest of student interns, and the priorities of our office. Interns are typically tasked with leading one or two specific projects/initiatives, with oversight from a professional staff member. This allows interns to have some voice/options in what projects they oversee.
  • The commitment we ask of students is a minimum of 5 hours a week for 12 weeks in the semester, with some additional training time at the start of or prior to the semester, for a total of around 65 hours. Determining the weekly hours is flexible around your classes and other commitments, though once established we expect interns to keep a fairly regular, consistent schedule.
    • We have an option to work with you to create a 4-credit independent study class. This would require more hours per week but offers more depth and experience.

If you are interested, you can learn more about our office by examining our LiveWell Bulldogs webpages and Instagram account.

To Apply:

Application Requirements:

  • One-page cover letter
    • Please address the following in your cover letter
      • Why are you interested in a health and wellness education position?
      • What unique skills, traits, and experiences do you feel you bring to the position? 
      • What makes you passionate about health and wellness, and what are your particular interests in this area?
      • What is your availability in May and August (for possible training dates) and during the semester (being sure to include classes, other time commitments, etc.)?
  • Provide an updated resume

Please turn in your application by Monday, May 3rd, 2021 at 12:00PM to the Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing, via email at

After reviewing your application, if you are determined to be a good match for the Intern position, then the Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing will schedule an interview to discuss your passion areas and ask some follow up questions.