LiveWell Bulldogs and the Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing is always looking to start off the new semester with undergraduate interns to help support our campus-wide wellness initiatives! This is a great professional development opportunity for students and can be a resume booster for students in the Health, Medicine, & Society, Psychology, and Media & Visual Culture Studies programs. If you have a passion for health and wellness learn more about how you can join the LiveWell team!

***Application for Spring 2021 Information Below*****

Check out our Fall 2020 interns and what they had to share about their experience!

“Being an intern for LiveWell Bulldogs enabled me to pursue many creative approaches to research that I found an interest in through my time in the Psychology and Health, Medicine, & Society departments. I gained more confidence in making the research and knowledge in my head more approachable and human. Additionally, I challenged myself to look at new avenues for information and make programs and interactive activities to emulate a feeling of connection and being in the presence of others during an online semester. Being a LWB Intern is definitely challenging yet rewarding work that you can do to inform and connect with others.” -Michael Esquejo '21, Fall 2020 Intern

“Interning for Live Well Bulldogs has helped me with the practical application of research. I have learned how to synthesize information to be put into a short and effective Instagram post that is eye catching and matches the goals of our curated content. I also really appreciate how creative the position is, and how much I was able to tailor it to my own interests within the field of health and wellness!” -Claire Evanishyn '21, Fall 2020 Intern


We are currently seeking student applicants for intern positions with our office to be a part of the health and wellness education we offer to University of Redlands students. Our targeted timeline for our interview and selection process is the beginning of December.

Here is what you can expect as a student intern:

  • We offer Certified Peer Educator Training, a nationally recognized health education training, to students who work with our office. In addition, regular meetings with interns include ongoing professional development via research on specific health topics, and other competencies like coaching/motivational interviewing skills, program design and marketing, etc. 
  • We seek to find a fit between the specific interest of student interns, and the priorities of our office. Interns are typically tasked with leading one or two specific projects/initiatives, with oversight from a professional staff member. This allows interns to have some voice/options in what projects they oversee.
  • The commitment we ask of students is a minimum of 5 hours a week for 12 weeks in the semester, with some additional training time at the start of or just prior to the semester, for a total of around 65 hours. Determining the weekly hours is flexible around your classes and other commitments, though once established we expect interns to keep a fairly regular, consistent schedule.
    • We have an option to work with you to create a 4-credit independent study class. This would require more hours per week, but offers more depth and experience.

If you are interested, learn more about our office by examining the LiveWell Bulldogs webpage and Instagram account.

To Apply:

Application Requirements:

  • One-page cover letter
    • Please address the following in your cover letter
      • Why are you interested in a health and wellness education position?
      • What unique skills, traits, and experiences you feel you bring to the position? 
      • What makes you passionate about health and wellness, and what are your particular interests in this area?
      • What is your availability prior to and during the semester (being sure to include other time commitments, etc.)?
  • Provide an updated resume

Please turn in your application by Friday, November 20th, 2020 at 5pm to the Associate Dean of Community Standards and Wellbeing, Jared Rodrigues, via email at

After reviewing your application, if you are determined to be a good match for the Intern position, then the Associate Dean of Community Standards and Wellbeing, Jared Rodrigues, will schedule an interview to discuss your passion areas and ask some follow up questions.