Leadership Programs

TRAIN: Training Radical and Involved New-Students 

The TRAIN Retreat is an annual experience run out of the Student Leadership and Involvement Center Office. It is facilitated by 18 U of R student leaders who help new students engage in leadership development, personal growth experiences, making connections, and best of all, fun! Many students who have attended in the past say it was a pivotal moment in their time at Redlands. They often say it was an experience that helped them understand more about themselves and helped them become more successful at Redlands. During the retreat, students do a number of hands-on activities working in both small and large groups. Our student facilitators run a wide verity of programs, presentations, and activities around the theme of developing Student Leadership.

 LEAD: Leaders Emerging and Developing 

LEAD is a leadership retreat designed for students who are looking to take the next step when it comes to their leadership skills and knowledge. Students who attend LEAD are already leaders on campus in the broadest definition. LEAD can be seen as the next step after going on TRAIN, but attending TRAIN is not a requirement to be eligible for LEAD. LEAD has a focus on interactions that student leaders have with the groups they work with on campus. The retreat is geared towards sophomores and juniors. 

Leadership Lunch Series:

The Leadership Lunch Series is a monthly event hosted in SLIC featuring people from a wide variety of backgrounds who come to share their perspective on leadership with students over lunch. Some examples of past speakers include Jim Appleton—former President of the University of Redlands; Andrew Wall--Dean of the University of Redlands School Education; Keith Osajima and Jen Tilton—professors in Race & Ethnic Studies; Char Burgess—Vice President and Dean of Student Life; Renee Van Vechten—professor of Political Science; Bill Southworth—Professor of Speech & Debate.