Off Campus Petition Process

Requesting an Exemption from the Residential Requirement

Because students learn from one another outside the classroom, living on campus is an integral part of the Redlands experience. All students are required to live on campus for the duration of their undergraduate experience except in specific circumstances. The education students acquire from the social and interpersonal experience of residential life plays a vital role in their total development. As a result, we are committed to this residential experience for all students.

A very limited number of off campus approvals are granted each year; almost exclusively to students who meet a common exemption to the residential requirement, have an extreme financial hardship, or have senior status with 89 credits or more and GPA of 3.0 or higher, in good academic and conduct standing. Unless a student receives an official off campus approval from Residence Life and Housing, they must continue to participate in the Housing Selection and Placement Process to select a room on campus. Under no circumstance should a student without approval make a commitment, of any kind, to live off campus, including signing a rental or lease agreement.

ALL returning students interested in living off campus must submit an Off Campus Petition during the Housing Selection and Placement Process that takes place each Spring in order to be considered to live off campus at ANY point during the following academic year. This includes students who meet a listed common exemption. All petitions for returning students must be submitted on the MyRedlands Housing Portal and no petitions will be considered midyear. In other words, even if a student does not plan to live off campus until the following spring semester, for example after returning from studying abroad, they MUST petition before the deadline the prior spring semester. Absolutely no Off Campus Petitions for returning students will be considered outside of the Housing Selection and Placement Process.

In order for an Off Campus Petition to be considered for a returning student, they must attend an Off Campus Workshop and pass the corresponding quiz. Returning students who do not attend a workshop will NOT be considered. 

Students wishing to live off campus due to a medical, physical, or psychological need must understand, if reasonable accommodations are possible for living on campus, students will NOT receive special consideration for off campus approval. Students in this situation are encouraged to complete an Accommodation Request to see what accommodations can be made.

It is also important to know petitions based on financial need will be verified by Student Financial Services.

Once a student is approved to live off campus, they are approved to do so permanently, without need to petition again, unless approval is revoked due to violations of the Code of Student Conduct or academic/financial concerns. If at any time, however, a student wishes to return to living on campus, they must notify Residence Life and Housing to make arrangements. 

Common Exemptions for the Residential Requirement:

Even students meeting one of these MUST submit a petition and receive approval to live off campus.

  • Over 23 or under 16 years old
  • Living with parents or close relatives within 30 miles of campus
  • Married or in a domestic partnership
  • Approved as a part time student
  • Additional exceptions may be made in the event of extreme financial hardship and/or senior student status (89 or more credits) with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, but these are still evaluated on a case-by-case basis and should not be assumed. 

Application Instructions:

Returning students: All returning students petitioning to live off campus MUST attend an Off Campus Workshop to be considered (students studying abroad in the spring semester will be provided an electronic workshop via email). Those who do not attend one of these workshops and pass the quiz WILL NOT be considered. Navigate to MyRedlands, log in, and select the Housing Portal in the top toolbar. Hover over Applications and Forms and click on Off Campus Petition. If additional information, such as proof of residency, is needed from a student who is approved, those documents are to be mailed to within 3 business days of approval. If off campus approval is given, a student MUST provide the address of their off campus residency by August 1st prior to the beginning of the fall semester and keep it up-to-date at all times.

New students: Navigate to MyRedlands, log in, and select the Housing Portal in the top toolbar. Hover over Applications and Forms and click on New Student Housing Intention Form. This is the only housing form you will need to complete for both on and off campus consideration. No Off Campus Workshop is required for new students to be considered. If off campus approval is given, a student MUST provide the address of their off campus residency by August 1st prior to the beginning of the fall semester.

For questions regarding the Off Campus Petition process, contact Residence Life and Housing at or Student Affairs at 909-748-8053.