COVID-19 Housing FAQ

Updated July 10, 2020

I am a new student, what do I do for housing or to be considered for off-campus?

6/15/20 Welcome to Redlands! We are excited to have you join our community. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions for new students for information about housing, off-campus approval, and much more!

I am a returning student, how do I sign up for housing? Is there enough space?

6/17/20 The Room Draws will take place based on class standing, as indicated by credits on these days. Specific entry times will be provided on June 23rd. Student roommate/suitemate grouping are encouraged to select housing using the person with the best Room Draw date and time, as they may select a room, and suited room if applicable, placements for those they are fully matched within their MyRedlands Housing Portal.

- Wednesday, June 24th Room Draw for Seniors (96+ credits) and Juniors (64-95 credits)

- Thursday, June 25th Room Draw for Sophomores (63 credits or fewer)

6/15/20 While the University made a decision to decreased the overall housing capacity, in an effort to increase the feasibility of physical distancing and commons space use within the residence halls and apartments, please be assured there is enough space for all students who intend to return to housing. We have been actively monitoring the size of our incoming class, as well as those who meet criteria for off-campus status, in order to best anticipate a housing model that meets demand and the need to do things differently.

Residence Life and Housing will continue to provide specific instructions to students via their Redlands email account. Students are instructed to review these messages to thoroughly understand the required steps and options available to them. Here are the brief steps to completing the Housing Selection and Placement Process within the MyRedlands Housing Portal:

  • - Update your Personal Profile
  • - Select, and match with, your roommate/suitemate(s)
  • - Choose a room at Room Draw using the best date/time in your roommate/suitemate(s) grouping

What housing communities are open? What's their room capacity? Brockton?

6/17/20 All residence halls and apartment complexes will be open for student housing. The chart below outlines the type of room capacity, along with bathroom and air conditioning amenities, by location. Only single and double rooms will be offered this year; triple and quad rooms will be converted to double capacity. There are double rooms available due to student demand, but we have increased the number of singles to reduce the number of students overall per hall bathroom, guided by the number of bathrooms located within the community/floor.

The Brockton and Grove Apartments will be included in the Room Draw process and does not require an additional application.

***Changes to the capacity of particular halls or rooms may occur based on physical distancing guidelines and/or the on-campus population

Location Room Capacity Bathroom Style AC
Returning Students      
Brockton Apartments Singles (4 per) Suite Yes
California Hall Singles Hall Yes
Cortner Hall Doubles Suite Yes
Founders Hall Doubles Suite Yes
Grossmont Hall Doubles Suite, Hall Yes
Grove Apartments Doubles, Singles (3 or 4 per) Suite Yes
Melrose Hall Doubles Hall Yes
Merriam Hall Singles Hall Yes
New Students      
Anderson Hall Doubles Suite No
East Hall Doubles Hall Yes
Fairmont Hall Doubles Suite, Hall No
North Hall Singles Hall Yes
Williams Hall Doubles Hall Yes
Johnston Complex      
Bekins Hall Doubles Suite, Hall No
Holt Hall Doubles Hall Yes

How do I pick a roommate/suitemate(s)? How is living with someone going to work?

6/15/20 Students will select their roommate, and suitemate(s) if applicable, by selecting Roommates/Suitemates under Housing and Roommate Selection on the MyRedlands Housing Portal and using the search criteria to locate fellow students. In order to be able to place themselve together in a room/suite, each person a student selects to be a roommate or suitemate must visit their own MyRedlands Housing Portal to confirm the match. The student with the best Room Draw date and time will then be able to select bed spaces, both from a roommate and suitemates, on behalf of each person within their group. 


How much will my room cost?

6/17/20 In an effort to recognize the trade-off between sharing a room or bathroom, all students residing in a residence hall will be billed at the double room rate that corresponds to whether air conditioning is an amenity of their community, while all students living in an apartment will be billed at the corresponding apartment room rate. Visit Room Rates for more information about cost.

When is move-in?

6/15/20 Residence Life and Housing is collaborating with Student Involvement and Success to develop how to bring student back to campus in a welcoming, yet physically distanced manner. More information will be shared as it is determined, however, please save these dates.

- Saturday, August 22nd New Student Move-in (by appointment only)

- Sunday, August 23rd New Student Move-in (by appointment only)

- Monday, August 24th Returning Student Move-in (by appointment only)

- Tuesday, August 25th Returning Student Move-in (by appointment only)

What can I expect for my residential experience in relationship to COVID-19?

7/10/20 The team in Custodial Services at the University of Redlands have all been trained in appropriate cleaning techniques and the use of disinfecting chemicals. While performing all tasks, they are required to wear face coverings and gloves to complete the cleaning process, as required by local and state governance. Staff are required to change their gloves frequently and actively encouraged to wash their hands regularly.

In addition to our standard cleaning and disinfection process, we have increased the frequency of disinfection where required by the level of use. For example, high touch surfaces such as restrooms, tables, door knobs, light switches, handrails, etc. are being cleaned multiple times daily, using EPA registered disinfection products following all use recommendations. For additional sanitization protection, we also use an electrostatic sprayer.

To offer additional protection at individual discretion, sanitization stations are provided in every building which include hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray/wipes, paper towels and instructions for use. Sanitizing wipes have also been located alongside all communal copiers.

6/15/20 Having departed campus abruptly in the spring, Residence Life and Housing is eager to welcome students back to campus while recognizing there will be a variety of changes to our standard operations to minimize risk to our students and greater community. In collaboration with the Student Health Center, Facilities Management, and Community Standards and Wellbeing, we continue to develop and coordinate plans in preparation for the fall semester; move-in day logistics, testing and contact tracing initiatives, isolation and quarantine procedures, protocols for sanitation of common spaces (laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.), the dining experience, enforcement strategies, and more with all decisions being made in accordance of guidance from local, state and national resources.

In addition to physical distancing and face coverings, students can anticipate us to provide a variety of expectations and support to guide us all in collectively contributing to a living environment that centers around the safety and health of the community. For example, there will be specific guidelines regarding the guest policy and the number of people permitted in rooms and other locations at the same time. We are also developing creative approaches to community building and events to facilitate an experience that meets the needs of the current environment while honoring the values of the learning which takes place outside the classroom. Finally, to strengthen the thoroughness of responses to COVID-19 for the residential campus, we participate in the SoCal Residence Life Summits, a bi-monthly collaboration between the housing admininstrators of campuses acrocss Southern California.

Will there be testing at the Student Health Center?

6/19/20 The Student Health Center is dedicated to providing continued comprehensive preventative and primary care to our students, including the offering of COVID-19 testing beginning Fall term.  All students who come to the Student Health Center will be screened at the front door for COVID-19 symptoms and will have their temperature checked.  Students will be required to wear a face covering while waiting to be seen and will maintain 6-ft distancing in the lobby.  Students will also be encouraged to wait outside while waiting to be seen.  Outdoor seating will be provided. 

In addition to COVID-19 testing, we will be encouraging all students who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 to call the Student Health Center before coming in.  All students exhibiting symptoms will be directed to enter the Student Health Center through a separate entrance and will go directly to a designated room specifically for those who are exhibiting symptoms to be evaluated in.  The Student Health Center team has ensured that there is sufficient personal protective equipment for staff members who will come in contact with potential COVID-19 infected students.  The Student Health Center is also a part of a team of volunteers who will be assisting in contact tracing for those who test positive for COVID-19, and is working closely with the departments of Residential Life, Academic Success, and others to ensure that students are well supported during this time. 

I was going to live in an organizational house, but they will be closed. What do I need to know or do?

6/15/20 Please follow the instructions for the Housing Selection and Placement Process to select a roommate/suitemate(s) and room assignment. Upon the announcement of the temporary closure of the organizational houses, students with a house housing assignment had their housing status updated to allow them to participate in the Room Draw process appropriate to their class standing.

Recognizing floor plans vary, we will utilize the houses strategically based on need. For example, if we need to quarantine multiple students, we will likely house them in the same location, while a need to self-isolate would likely be alone in a home. The varying scenarios that we may encounter make it impossible for us to speak specifically to when or how a house will be utilized.

Should organizations be interested in storing memorabilia, we will work with active members to utilize a storage location within the house by contacting Alternatively, if members want to store property off campus, they can certainly do that.

I planned to study away, now what do I do?

6/15/20 Please follow the instructions for the Housing Selection and Placement Process to select a roommate/suitemate(s) and room assignment. In collaboration with the Office of Study Away, students no longer participating in a study away program for the fall semester have had their housing status updated to allow them to participate in the Room Draw process appropriate to their class standing. 

Students were asked to defer their abroad experience, but a few have asked for special circumstances, which are being reviewed, and the program at the Salzburg Redlands campus is still being evaluated; final decisions will be made in early July.

Can I live off-campus?

6/15/20 Already approved for off-campus status? For those students who have already participated in the Off-Campus Petition Process and were approved, please contact us at to let us know of your intention to utilize your approval.

Students who have not been approved and indicated on their Housing Intention form submission the desire to live off-campus by requesting a temporary suspension of the residential requirement have been contacted individually with further instructions for how to be considered for off-campus status on a case by case basis.

What if I usually live in a triple/quad room?

6/15/20 Please follow the instructions for the Housing Selection and Placement Process to select a roommate/suitemate(s) and room assignment. For those students who usually live in a triple or quad room or submitted the Quad Room housing application this spring, as reported by Residence Life and Housing (RLH), Student Financial Services (SFS) is reviewing your financial need to determine if you are eligible for additional financial assistance to assist with covering the cost of a double room.  Students will be notified by SFS the week of June 29th if they automatically qualify for additional financial aid for the 2020-2021 school year. 

If, based on your demonstrated financial need, you do not automatically qualify for additional financial assistance and you are concerned about covering the cost of the double room, please submit a Special Circumstances Appeal form.  Requests are reviewed by a financial aid committee, who may adjust your eligibility for aid. For more information on the Special Circumstance Appeal process please visit our Special Circumstances webpage.

My financial situation has changed as a result of COVID-19. What can I do to request help?

6/15/20 Please follow the instructions for the Housing Selection and Placement Process to select a roommate/suitemate(s) and room assignment. If you, however, have experienced a change in your financial circumstance, you can complete a Special Circumstance Appeal form with Student Financial Services (SFS). Requests are reviewed by a financial aid committee, who may adjust your eligibility for aid. For more information on the Special Circumstance Appeal process please visit the Special Circumstances webpage. Please note, the SFS standard practice is to ask students and families to wait three months after separation from employment has occurred to submit a special circumstance appeal.  Due to the novel coronavirus and the impact it has had on employment opportunities, however, the three month requirement has been waived.

What if I have health conditions and am concerned about living on campus?

6/15/20 Students who have indicated on their Housing Intention form submission desire to live off-campus by requesting a temporary suspension of the residential requirement, who already work with Academic Success and Disability Services (ASDS), will be contacted by their office to obtain permission to share with Residence Life and Housing (RLH) whether they have a diagnosis/es which may support a temporary off-campus accommodation. Should students have additional concerns with medical professional support to share, please contact ASDS directly to discuss the steps for this supplementary information to be considered in their decision.

Students who have not worked with ASDS before and are seeking to live off-campus due to a medical/physical/psychological need will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Accommodation Committee. This is the formal mechanism utilized to evaluate students’ needs on case by case basis and is in alignment with our standard practice of supporting students with mental and/or physical conditions that may require different housing arrangements. Residence Life and Housing is unable to make considerations for these types of circumstances and trusts our campus partner. Therefore, students with a health condition that could affect their return to campus housing are highly encouraged to complete an Accommodation Request. Please be aware that students requesting temporary off-campus status in the 2020-21 academic year must continue to participate in the selection of housing in the event their exception is not granted. Should off-campus status be approved, Residence Life and Housing will remove any housing and meal assignments and assign the student off-campus status, unless notified otherwise by the student.

What should I know about Harvest Table and the meal plans?

6/26/20 As Harvest Table plans for students to return to campus in the fall, they are committed to the safety and well-being of all of their guests. They have implemented additional processes and protocols to help ensure the safety of all operations. These efforts are aimed to allow guests to still have the opportunity to enjoy the authentic and personalized dining experience they provide to campus. However, meal services will primarily be served to-go and locations have been modified to accommodate this new model. New pick-up locations, GrubHub, and outdoor seating will help ease the flow of traffic while also making sure guests can use their swipes safely. For more updates on Meal Plans and the COVID-19 measures Harvest Table is taking, visit their website: or follow them on social media @HTRedlands.

6/15/20 Student Affairs continues to work with Harvest Table Culinary Group (HTCG) leadership to develop a dining experience that will manage risk while providing a positive dining experience.  HTCG will offer its signature healthy options via grab-and-go packages, Grub Hub, and expanded pick-up locations.  While social distancing will limit the capacity of all indoor venues, expanded outdoor seating will help support the dining experience.

What about using my ID card?

Coming soon from Student Affairs

Other questions?

6/15/20 Revisit this page for the latest information from Residence Life and Housing (RLH). As new information and decisions become available, we will continue to provide the most up-to-date explanations on this page. Should you have further questions or concerns that are unaddressed, please contact us at